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Protests end at store selling Kelce, Swift religious-theme candles

A small business in Wisconsin is under fire for selling candles featuring Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift that some people thought were Christ and the Virgin Mary.

kelce candleA small group gathered outside Mixed Bag MKE in Whitefish Bay, with signs mentioning love for God, as well as “sacrilege” and “blasphemy.” The business also posted several direct messages they received from upset individuals on their Facebook page. One message read, “I just learned of your disgusting celebrity prayer candles. Depicting immoral celebrities instead of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother. How low can you go?” Another message read, “Please stop selling the blasphemous candles with celebrities!!! I truly take offense by mocking my faith! ”

Most people on social media defended the store’s tongue-in-cheek display, saying the protesters were “Karens.”

Similar candles are sold across the nation and online each year bearing the images of famous people. Everyone from Mr. Rogers, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Snoop Dog.

The artsy store didn’t let the messages or the protest stop them from selling the candles. The business wrote, “If you’re part of this group and you see this, please know you aren’t changing anything by this harassment. I will still sell these candles, and I don’t care if you think it’s sacrilegious.” Despite all the uproar, the store posted it had one of its busiest days ever, sharing a picture of nearly empty shelves that once held the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce candles less than two hours of opening.

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The business added that it also raised $360 for Street Angels, a Milwaukee homeless outreach organization. The business posted, “You guys turned out, and it was amazing! Thank you so, so, so, so much for the support and for helping raise $360 for Street Angels. I’m cleaned out of any and all Taylor Swift merch, but I’ll be getting more in the next week or so if you missed out. Thanks again for being awesome!”

According to the website, the store also sells other high-profile celebrity-themed candles, including Keanu Reeves, Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love, actor Ryan Gosling and late “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek, along with many others.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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