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Rush Limbaugh remembered by his brother, others across Missouri

Although Rush Limbaugh was a household name, his brother David also has become well-known for his writing about both Christianity and political topics. He thanked Americans for their support following his brother’s death on Wednesday.

“I’m not ready to speak yet, but I I’m so proud of my amazing, loving brother,” he wrote in a Twitter post. “Thousands of you have shared how much he meant to you. My brother was the real deal. I can’t describe how sad I am but also how proud I am of my big brother. I love and adore you Rush. Thank you all.”

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David, who lives in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, previously spoke fondly of his brother in a Fox News op-ed published on Feb. 14, last year, shortly after Rush announced his advanced cancer diagnosis. David in his piece said he is “uniquely blessed” to be Rush Limbaugh’s brother “in ways too numerous to count.”

“When Rush began his nationally syndicated radio show, the liberal media monopolized television news, and his show became an oasis and a lifeline for millions who felt their voices had been ignored,” he wrote last year. “He gave them a sense of community as they came to realize that the principles they believed in, their love for America and its founding ideas, were still commonly held.”

In his final live show on Feb. 2 this year, Limbaugh criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline project last month, referring to a Fox News interview conducted hours earlier with several people who had lost their jobs as a result of the move.

“What do you think the Democrat Party is? It’s clear as a bell they have no desire to enhance your life — they’re taking jobs away from you,” Limbaugh said. “This is what Biden and his administration are hellbent on doing. They want you to become dependent on them, a ward of the state. You’re not supposed to have enough power to oppose them.”

Missouri Governor Mike Parson joined those in Cape Girardeau who remembered Limbaugh as one of Missouri’s most famous sons.

Rush Limbaugh was a 1969 graduate of Cape Central High School and regularly visited family still in the area.

It was at KGMO in Cape Girardeau where Limbaugh started in radio as a disc jockey.

Cape Girardeau Mayor Jay Knudtson was a personal friend of the broadcaster and said Rush respected people and loved our country.

Knudtson said it was “heartbreaking” for  the Cape Girardeau community. “Our hearts go out to all of them,” Knudtson said. “And Cape Girardeau owes a real debt of gratitude to that young man that started in the radio business over 50 years ago and really put Cape Girardeau on the map. It’s a sad day in Cape Girardeau today.”

Mike Renick, general manager of River Radio in Cape Girardeau, said the Rush audience was one of the most loyal in the industry.

“He’s obviously done great things when it comes to talk radio. He’s the top of the list,” said Renick. “If there’s one program that would get the phones to ring if we had a technical issue, it was The Rush Limbaugh Show. You never wanted to mess with anything during that three-hour period, because he just had such a loyal audience a big audience.”

Parson said he and his wife would “continue to lift his wife Kathryn and family up in our prayers.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice