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shelter kc homeless heat heatwave

Shelter KC helps homeless as temperatures soar

Shelter KC is partnering with local churches as temperatures across the region reach 100 this week.

The organization is in need of donated bags that include bottled water, reusable water bottles, sunscreen, chap sticks and granola bars.

“We are all suffering a bit from the normal summer heat and humidity of Kansas City,” Shelter KC Secretary-General Eric Berger says. “But when temperatures rise above the high 90’s, the heat can be dangerous to the people who live in the streets. We’re trying to help them with Beat the Heat bag. But this outreach also gives us concrete ways to encourage them, to make a difference in their lives that can drive them out of the street forever. “

The 70-year-old ministry, which works with Church of the Resurrection, hopes to produce and distribute over 500 life-saving hot weather bags.

For most Kansas City-area residents, drinking extra water is not a problem during hot weather.

“Drink before going out in the heat. Try to stay inside during the hottest hours of the day. Usually peaks in 2-4 days. Wear sunscreen and a ball cap. Wear it and make sure you: You are caring for older children and toddlers, people at high risk for these illnesses, “ says Dr. Abigail Halleron of Truman Medical Center.

That’s great advice for everyone, she says but for the homeless, clean water in the quantities needed to survive a heatwave is hard to come by. That’s why hot weather supplies are needed.

Donations can be made to Shelter KC, 1520 Cherry Street, or the church.

Financial contributions can be made at www.shelterkc.org.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice