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Should stores be open on Thanksgiving?

While some stores are making a point to shut down on Thanksgiving, many others are happy to be open and the trend seems to be growing for 2018. How should Christians respond? Is it right, in our quest for material goods and happiness, to expect others to go to work so stores can be open and promote the madness that is American consumerism?

Where’s the grace extended to our fellow citizens when we expect them to work just so we can buy the latest Apple product, 4K television or 2-for-1 leather boots?

Rachel Marie Stone is an author and speaker who thinks there’s a better way. She says we are blessed as a nation to have a holiday dedicated to “thanking God” for all He has done for us. Is it right, she asks, to use that time to just fill our houses with more stuff?

Watch her powerful argument about Thanksgiving and how we should preserve, not abuse, the day set aside for humility.