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Singer Lauren Daigle takes criticism in stride as singing career takes off

Christian singer Lauren Daigle is learning that the higher you climb, the bigger the target you become. Now that secular radio stations are playing some of her songs, she faces questions of whether she plans to leave Christian music behind.

“I’m not leaving anybody,” Daigle said in an interview with Faithwire. “Someone asked me, they said, ‘Hey, now that you’re mainstream, are you going to change your content?’ I said, ‘If I changed the content that would change who I was in order to meet a format, and the format (audience) that is actually receiving this. Why would I change? It would make me inauthentic.

“There’s nothing in me that’s going to change. It’s loving where I came from and loving where I’m going. That’s how it is.”

Daigle gives insight into her life in interview:

The singer went on to address the pressure and anxiety that can build while she’s on tour and how she handles the criticism that comes her way.

“Pressure is a real thing, and I think there are times where you have to acknowledge it and then times where you just have to tell it to be quiet. ‘Just be quiet. You can’t control me,’” she said. “I think that a lot in life. Like with social media, there can be moments of positivity and joy, and there can be moments of criticism and pain. And that can get really difficult, but as long as you focus more on the positive….”

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When Daigle faces moments of self-doubt and insecurity, she said she turns to God and focuses her mind on being still.

“If you just have moments of getting away, stepping back for a second, being still and it’s those moments, honestly, that I find myself collecting myself. And then I can go back into the war zone of negative things that are told about me,” she said. “I’m girded up with a strength that supersedes all of the unkind words. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’ It ain’t true!! Words have power. There’s power of life and death in the tongue. So I think we need to celebrate the words.”