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Social Security scam growing

Kansas City joins a growing list of cities targeted by a social security scam investigators say is spreading at an alarming rate across the nation.

This is a second warning from the Federal Trade Commission just this month because they’re that worried about the skyrocketing number of cases they’re seeing.

Basically, people pretend to be from the social security administration, threatening you to get your social security number and money. This is a recording the federal trade commission posted on its website:

“… suspend your social security number on an immediate basis as we have received suspicious trails of information in your name – the moment you get this message I need you to get back to me on my department division toll free number …”

“… verify the last four digits of your social security number when you call to better assist you with this issue. Now, if I don’t hear a call from you we will have to issue an arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested…”

Here’s what you need to know. When that call comes in, the caller id will often show the real phone number for the social security administration. That’s just a trick to get you to pick up.

Often, the caller threatens to seize your bank account and get a warrant for your arrest.

And many times, they’ll ask you to confirm your social security number to reactivate it.

Here’s the thing, this scam is working, 10 times as many reports to the FTC about this scam this year compared to last, hundreds of thousands reported so far this year. And there’s no sign of this scam slowing down.

The FTC says bottom line, don’t give out your social security number, bank account, even partial account numbers and if you’re not sure whether a call is legit, hang up and call the real social security administration number.