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Supporting National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. Thirty days to spread awareness of the wonderful impact adoption can have in the life of little ones and all the parents surrounding them.

With the overturning of Roe v Wade, many in the nation naively believed the number of babies available for adoption would swell. Certainly, without access to abortion, women will choose adoption, correct? Unfortunately, unscrupulous adoption organizations, media talking points, and movie depictions have surrounded adoption with misunderstanding.

National Adoption Month provides an opportunity to erase the myths, highlight the benefits, and encourage everyone to take a different look at adoption. At A Gift Of Hope Adoptions in Columbia, Missouri, we honor birth mothers for their courageous and selfless choice. Each woman choosing adoption learns she never “gives up” or “gives away.”

Adoption asks a woman with an unplanned pregnancy to step out of her fear, shame, and comfort and choose to place her child with others. This is a parenting choice, just as valid as choosing to raise your child yourself. As Christians, we understand the importance of becoming a part of another family.

For National Adoption Month, let’s honor those who have chosen adoption and make others aware of the benefits. Let’s embrace unwed mothers in our communities, encourage them to take a closer look at adoption, and support them in their choice. If you have a connection to adoption as an adoptee, adoptive parent, or birth parent, share your experience.

Since 2006, the adoption counselors at A Gift Of Hope Adoptions have helped birth parents and expectant mothers find the perfect forever family for their children. We’ve placed over 100 precious little ones with excited and loving adoptive families.

Contact us if you or someone you know is unexpectedly pregnant and unsure what to do, or if you are a couple interested in adoption. Together, let’s celebrate National Adoption Month in November.


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