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Israel’s Defense Minister outlines end game in war

defense war

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant spoke to the press on Monday and explained Israel’s goals moving forward in its war against Hamas. Metro Voice presents those remarks below to bring you the ...

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MLK went by ‘Mike’ until he was 22 and other factoids

luther niece mlk devotional unity

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday the nation celebrates, remains a fascinating and complex figure. Here are six factoids about the civil rights leader you may not know. King opposed the ...

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Israelis gather at Western Wall in prayer for hostages, wounded

wall prayer

Israelis came together today at the Western Wall as part of a national day of prayer. It was broadcast live but you can view the video at the end of the article. ...

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Palestinian mob vandalizes Joshua’s Altar

joshua's altar paletinian

Jewish and Christian groups are calling for more protection of archaeological sites after Arab rioters vandalized Joshua’s Altar. The site, located on Mount Ebal, as documented in the Old Testament, is currently ...

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Israel reveals reporters killed in strike were with terrorists

israel reporters

Israel revealed on Sunday night that two Palestinian journalists killed in an IDF airstrike were in a vehicle with Hamas terrorists. The reporters were traveling with Hamas as the terrorists transported a ...

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Young victim of Gaza fighting finds care in Egypt

Egypt is providing medical assistance to some victims of the ongoing fighting in Gaza. A Christian television program, “You Are Not Alone,” recently interviewed a Gazan refugee family that recently fled to ...

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An Inspiring Journey: Resilience and Solidarity in the Heart of Israel

I had the incredible opportunity to visit Israel last week. Despite the ongoing challenges due to the conflict that started on October 7, this journey was a profound, even inspiring, experience. I ...

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Former terrorist and local resident Tass Saada expects great harvest of souls in Gaza

Former terrorist Tass Saada, who now lives in the Kansas City area, believes the Israel-Hamas war is preparing many Muslims in Gaza to become Christians. He told Israeli-American journalist Joel C. Rosenberg ...

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Exciting archaeological discoveries in 2023

discoveries 2023

Archaeological finds in the Holy Land continue to attest to the historical accuracy of scripture. When our organization leads tours of Christians to Israel, they return home feeling they have journeyed through ...

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Christians support Israel against Hamas, but fewer say Bible influenced opinion

christians hamas

A majority of U.S. Christians support Israel in the war against Hamas, although only one in four say the Bible has influenced their opinions about the Jewish state, according to a new ...

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American-Israeli grandmother held hostage declared dead

A 70-year-old American teacher and grandmother who was shot by Hamas terrorists when out for a walk with her husband at their kibbutz on the morning of Oct. 7 has been declared ...

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WATCH: Israeli documentaries on Nova music festival massacre


Two documentaries comprising first-hand video and audio footage from the Nova music festival massacre on Oct. 7 are getting worldwide audiences. The first, titled simply “#Nova“, has become the most viewed film in ...

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Hezbollah strikes church in Western Galilee

hezbollah church

Hezbollah, Hamas’s partner in Lebanon, struck a church in the Western Galilee with a missile on Tuesday injuring a civilian. The attack on St. Mary’s Church injured one civilian and Israeli forces ...

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Slavic Gospel Association giving “stars of hope” to children in Israel, Ukraine

star hope

Hope is in short supply this year for many children caught in the wars raging in Israel and Ukraine. American Christians are supporting the annual Christmas campaign called Immanuel’s Child that will deliver ...

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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld travels to support families of hostages

seinfeld hostages

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld was in Israel this week to express his support as he visited released hostages and families who still have loved ones under captivity by Hamas. “Seinfeld told ...

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Arab Christians in Israel find new ways to celebrate Christmas as Hamas war rages

hanukkah christmas war

Christmas in Israel has changed dramatically this year in the wake of the Hamas attack on October 7 and ongoing war. For Arabs in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, there’s often pressure to support ...

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Christian group renovates 140 Israeli bomb shelters

A prominent Christian organization in Jerusalem has renovated 140 bomb shelters in the Upper Galilee. The effort comes as intermittent Hezbollah attacks from Lebanon continue for the third straight month. The International ...

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Pro-Hamas Turkish leader who collapsed after warning Israel of ‘Allah’s wrath,’ has died

turkish israel

Turkish lawmakers may think twice before making speeches denouncing Israel.  Social media users are responding with “Don’t mess with God’s people, Israel” after one lawmaker died. Hasan Bitmez, 53, collapsed and fell ...

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Red Cross to hostage families: “Think about the Palestinian side”

red hostage

The Red Cross is facing increasing criticism for its actions in Gaza. Now, hostage families say the organization scolded them, saying, they need to “think about the Palestinian side.” The families were ...

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Letter from an Arab to Muslims


Dear Arabs and Muslims, I just back from Israel, and my life will never be the same. I thought I was going to be met with pure racism, and then came to ...

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Christians urged to pray for Israel during Hanukkah

christians hanukkah

Hanukkah runs Dec. 7 through the evening of Dec. 15. The Genesis 123 Foundation is asking Christians around the world to pause and pray for Israel. “At these unique and abnormal times, ...

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CNN, ABC, Reuters, AP cited for media bias

cnn abc

Nima Elbagir, chief CNN international investigative correspondent published a piece that represents “activism masquerading as journalism.” The Associated Press and Reuters are “quick to report Hamas’s questionable claims.” And ABC “bizarrely” stated that “Israel was violating a ceasefire that had ...

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Israel expands operations after Hamas breaks ceasefire

Israel is expanding ground operations in Gaza in response to Hamas breaking a ceasefire on Friday. The IDF struck more than 200 terror targets in the Hamas-controlled enclave on Sunday. Millions of ...

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Jewish, Christian leaders call on Congress to support Israel, fight antisemitism

jewish support

Fifteen leaders of religious organizations and institutions signed a letter sent to Democratic and Republican congressional leaders earlier this week, urging legislators support Israel and the Jewish people. “We represent many faith traditions and ...

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The miraculous connection of Hanukkah to Christmas

hanukkah christmas war

I grew up a nice Jewish boy in Brooklyn, New York. When December arrived it brought some interesting challenges. Why? My family owned a toy store! I knew little about Christmas, but ...

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