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Genesis Alive

Tech Engineer and Former Humanist Launches Platform to Investigate Creationism

Mark Rose, Patent holder and CEO of a high-tech firm near Corvallis, Oregon has launched Genesis Alive, a new organization that is developing resources and sharing new evidence for those who desire to investigate where science and faith intersect.

In December 2013 Rose established the organization, which will disseminate information that advocates for the truth about the Origins of Life. He hopes to engage seekers and believers alike with thoughtful, concise and informative tools on creationism.

As a young man Rose contends he lived life influenced by unbiblical ideologies.

“Back then I thought I was a wise, intellectual, and scientific guy, but I was none of the above, said Rose. “I had been completely brainwashed by a very carefully orchestrated system of information, education, media and worldview of the 1970s.”

After a near death experience as a bush pilot in Alaska, Rose says he accepted Christ as his Savior and radically changed his thinking, leaving behind his humanistic and godless worldview. Over time Rose discovered he had been grossly deceived by the educational system concerning evolution, they providing only one side of the story.

“I’ve had my feet in both camps,” said Rose. “I had an experience that was specifically directing me to deal with that crisis at the point of my salvation. I had to set aside my understanding of origins and that entire paradigm that goes with it of naturalistic evolutionary philosophy. I changed. My eyes had been opened.”

An international patent holder, Rose has 30 years experience working with mining companies around the world. He now is integrating that geological knowledge from his field experience and applying it to the study of creation science.

Rose maintains that he especially is interested in reaching the younger generation.

“When I share this information to youth, they get very excited about it,” Rose adds. “They’re mouths drop open. Every piece of logic and reason in their body just rings with this. It could have a massive effect for God’s Kingdom in this time in history.”

For more information about Genesis Alive or resources on creationism go to GenesisAlive.com.