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The Kansas City Chiefs and pride month

June is pride month and the NFL is one of many organizations signaling support for the LGBTQ lifestyle. But where does the Chiefs organization fall?

“The practice of men sleeping with men, women sleeping with women, some men becoming women and some women becoming men — with the folks who say they are now neither men nor women also included — was celebrated by about two-thirds of the NFL’s teams on Saturday via social media,” wrote Armando Salguero of the conservative sports website Outkick. “The message, delivered on X via team timelines, was sent by 21 of the NFL’s 32 teams to their approximately 42 million total followers.”

The Kansas City Chiefs, however, are one of 11 teams that are not acknowledging pride month through tweets or on their website. The NFL is selling a Chiefs clothing pride collection on its website including a pride flag emblazoned with the Chiefs arrowhead symbol. The decision comes after Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker called out pride month as a problem of a society with wrong priorities.

Some teams tweeted out their support that pride month has arrived., and some delivered expanded messages as part of that support. The Washington Commanders, for example, said pride month is actually about love. The Commanders, Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles changed the color of their logos to match a pride flag. The Minnesota Vikings not only tweeted out their support and changed their logo but also changed the banner of their X account..

However, over the weekend, 11 NFL teams chose not to tweet or acknowledge pride month. In addition to the Chiefs, those teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons.

In 2021, the NFL spent millions promoting a “Football is Gay” ad during pride month.

“Reporting what teams did not tweet an announcement joining the pride month support and celebrations is dispassionate,” Salguero said. “It does not convey opposition. There can be no question 21 NFL teams are apparently in favor of it. And the other 11 are silent on the subject.”

The Chiefs are joined by dozens national retail outlets and companies not taking part in pride this year. Others, like Target, have greatly scaled back their acknowledgment. Polls indicate that Americans are weary with corporations focusing so-called “woke” issues. Bud Light continues to see a huge sales drop after last year’s controversy over a biological man identifying as a women being chosen as their spokesperson.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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