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The LIGHT House Celebrates 35 Years of Pro-Life Ministry

For 35 years, The LIGHT House has given hope to young women facing untimely pregnancies. Offering a variety of services to girls in need, we strive to provide the most comprehensive, Christ-centered service in the Kansas City metro area. The word “LIGHT” in the name LIGHT House, is an acronym for Life Is Given Hope for Tomorrow, which is exactly what is seen in this young woman’s life.

Maternity Home

The Maternity Home provides residential services for young ladies aged 12-21 who need a safe place to stay while pregnant. A young woman may come to us at any time in her pregnancy and a full array of services is provided for her to help ensure a healthy delivery for both mother and child. These include life skills courses, case management services, parenting and nutrition classes, Bible studies and daily devotions, counseling and after-care support.

Outreach Program

The Outreach Program provides services not only to our maternity home clients but also to young women and their small children who live in the community. This weekly gathering provides a time of fellowship, life skills courses, parenting classes, Bible study and case management. By being involved in the Outreach Program, mothers are expected to learn parenting, nutrition, life and leadership skills to become self-sufficient.


The LIGHT House is also a full-service Adoption Agency with experienced, licensed staff that has facilitated hundreds of successful adoptions. We help connect birth mothers who delivered their babies in Missouri with potential Christian adoptive families. The adoption program provides completion of home studies, confidential counseling and education for the adoptive parents, as well as birth mother support.

All these services are conducted within the context of a Christian environment through Christ-centered care.

Nine years ago, a pregnant young girl with a life ravaged with hardship, came through the doors of The LIGHT House maternity home in Kansas City. She had no involvement with her biological parents and was fearful she would not be able to remain in relationship with her siblings. She already had one child that she was unable to care for and was going through the adoption process.

Few thought she would make it through junior high school and it seemed that every aspect of her life was a struggle. Throughout her pregnancy, and after delivering a beautiful baby, this young girl found resources and support through The LIGHT House to aid in setting goals and making positive decisions. She stayed connected through The LIGHT House Outreach Program where she was provided with baby supplies and was involved in weekly Bible studies and parenting support.

Today, she is the mother of three very loved and cared-for children and is in the process of getting married and buying a home. In less than eighteen months, she will graduate from college and is excelling in her job.

When told she was missed in The LIGHT House Outreach Program, she responded that she was now able to provide for her own needs and felt it would be better to free the resources of The LIGHT House to be used to help other young women who might have a greater need.

For more information go to www.lighthousekc.org or call 816-361-2233. Donations may be sent to P.O. Box 22553, Kansas City, MO 64113. (The LIGHT House is an affiliate of MBCH Children and Family Ministries.)