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Tips for navigating Kansas City’s new airport terminal and parking

The new airport terminal at Kansas City International is open. In addition to our earlier review of the new facility, here are some tips before you fly, drop-off, or pick-up a friend.

  • The airport’s new website is FlyKC.com.
  • To help you easily find the drop-off and pick-up areas, put “1 Kansas City Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64153” in your phone or GPS.
  • ECONOMY PARKING: Lots A and C have been combined. Shuttle stops are now identified as E1 through E17.
  • There’s a new (and free) short-term parking lot.
  • Here’s a coupon for 1 free day of economy parking when you park 3 days. Show this, or download at this link: parking-coupon-2023

new airport

  • THE BLUE BUS: The familiar blue bus will still serve economy parking (the parking is $7.50 per day) and will make stops every 20 minutes at the parking lot 24/7.
  • THE RED BUS: Will now serve the old terminal B & C garages until they are empty of cars.
  • DEPARTURES: If you are being dropped off for departure, it is now on the upper (ground) level. This is where you’ll also walk across to the new terminal if you are parking in the new 6,200 space parking garage.
  • All TSA security has been combined into 16 new lanes. Once through this area, there are no more security hassles.
  • Arrivals: To pick someone up, the arrivals is on the lower level. You can still pull up to the curb and help load. You won’t have to compete with the buses. They now have dedicated shuttle, rideshare, and taxi curb space.
  • Luggage is now retrieved on the lower level after your arrival. You can still walk directly out to the curb for pick-up or to catch a shuttle or bus.
  • The terminal has 3x as many toilet fixtures as the old terminal. All fixtures are touch-free. Each restroom stall has a red or green light to let you know availability.
  • Here’s a link to the new airport map.

Virtual Tour:

Departure Video:

Arrival Video:

Virtual Tour:

–By Dwight Widaman | Editor | Metro Voice

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