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Todd Starnes fired from Fox News

Controversial comments on his radio show have ended in Fox News personality and Christian commentator Todd Starnes being axed from Fox News.

The network quietly ended Starnes from its lineup and has ceased production on his three-hour Fox News Radio show as well as his Fox Nation program, “Starnes Country.”

Fox News did not provide an explanation about the decision not to renew Starnes’ contract. It’s unclear when the decision was made, but Starnes retweeted a promotion that labeled him as a “Fox News radio host” just hours before the news broke.

The news however follows a controversial segment which caught the eye of the liberal media organization Media Matters.

Starnes told a Christian media outlet that his 15 years at Fox News was “amazing” while announcing a new business endeavour – Starnes Media Group. He describes the business as “a multi-faceted broadcasting and digital company focused on delivering authentic conservative news and commentary.”

Trouble began for the popular commentator this week when he interviewed fellow Fox News commentator Robert Jeffress on Monday.  During the interview, Jeffress accused Democrats of pagan idol worship of Moloch. The pagan diet is associated with child sacrifice.

In August Starnes ran afoul of the network when he said the U.S. is suffering a “slow-moving invasion,” referring to illegal immigration. He went on to liken the current situation along the southern border to invasions by the Nazis in the 1930s. The comments received condemnation by Media Matters and Democrats.

He had developed quite a following among many conservative Christians through his show on Fox News Radio, as well as “Starnes Country,” a program on the digital platform Fox Nation. In addition he regularly contributed opinion pieces to FoxNews.com.

Immediately after the news, Starnes tweeted, “I am a rock-solid conservative and I do not compromise my beliefs. Period.”

Fox News has, in recent years, not stood by its conservative commentators after their comments offended those on the left. It is a sharp contrast to hosts at other cable channels like MSNBC or CNN who tend to keep their jobs after controversial statements or actions are called offensive by conservatives.

–Dwight Widaman