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Topeka police officer’s lip-sync tribute to fallen LEOs goes viral

A Topeka Police officer is going viral in recent weeks with a lip-sync challenge video with a unique spin. The video, which was posted July 6, has over 10.8 million views.

Law enforcement officers across the country are caught up in the latest online craze – posting videos of themselves lip syncing. Most are fun or humorous but a Topeka Police Officer has gone viral for a very different approach.

Sgt. Steve Block chose Cole Swindell’s “You Should Be Here” as a tribute to fallen officers.

His daughter edited it together with photos and videos. Since his wife posted it online, it’s had more than 12,000 comments and been shared more that 260,000 times!

“As I watched the others I realized I wanted to do something different and unique,” said Block. “As an Honor Guard member and member of our Pipe and Drum Corps, it is a passion of mine to recognize and honor the sacrifice of fallen officers. So, I knew I had to do a tribute video.”

“I wanted the video to be less about me and about the fallen officers, hence the photos. My daughter added the photos and graphics for me,” said Block. “She nailed it.”

There have also been over 12,000 comments on Facebook since the video was posted, from all over the country.

“The most powerful messages have been from surviving family members of fallen officers expressing how much it means to them to make sure their fallen officers sacrifice is not forgotten.,” Block said. “I’m amazed by its reach and humbled by the response.”


Here are a few samples of the Facebook comments:


Tiffany Fling – This is by far my favorite. Thank you!!! Much love from Kansas City, KS.  ❤ ❤

Deb Stephenson – You moved the world with this

Nicole Geyer (Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania) – Robin block and steven block. I want to personally thank you. My home has been hit twice in 6 years with losing one of our own. Officer Shaw we lost right before last Thanksgiving. I pray for you all. I’m bawling this hits home for me. My sons best friends father is a local detective. God bless you all. I know I’m a complete stranger but thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxo stay safe

Teresa McElwee Greber – please thank your husband for posting this. I lost my brother in law in 1992 in a drug raid here in Shreveport Louisiana. I still grieve daily for him. He’s missed so much. He should be here. My husband is an officer as well. I live daily with the threat and the reality that he may not be here. I love the lip-sync challenge, but am so happy that your husband and you chose to use it to remind us of the danger and the ultimate sacrifice that they make. Thanks for this beautiful video.

Julie Myers Maring – Awesome job! We back the blue! Great job from Fla.

Lori Vance Osborne-  What a beautiful tribute. My sister was killed in the line of duty last year in Abilene Texas. Thank you for sharing.  💙

Jamie Butz – Hi Robin. Would you please forward this video to North Las Vegas Police Department? Thank you so very much. Beautiful Tribute.

Mike Mullins – All have gone a long way to add some fun and good spirit to the thin blue line. My son is an officer. You state right away you took a different approach. It was a nice tribute and a needed look at the life of an officer who has seen the loss of a friend and brother. I was a 40-year career fire fighter and Honor Guard member. I have seen too many myself and could no longer present flags because of the emotion of giving one to a dear friend on the loss of her husband. Great job and thanks for the prospective. it was a needed reminder. God Bless you and your service!


Sgt. Block’s wife Robin says the video has won the first round of voting, and asks fans to keep voting and spreading the word through the next round.

Block says any prize won will go to the Kansas Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).


The video can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/leow4real/posts/10214330305264205


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