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Topeka small businesses want to help those affected by the coronavirus

Now that we are all “social distancing,” it’s obvious from time spent on social media (what else can we do?) that many small businesses in Topeka are hurting. From restaurants and bars to event-related businesses, income is severely restricted for a lot of small businesses in our community, many of which were already struggling.

Topekans want to know: HOW CAN WE HELP?

Topekans don’t want to lose these small businesses, and want to know how they can help during this time when we are isolating. Many are posting on social media how their business is struggling, and others are posting how they are finding ways to help others during this time of crisis.


A way to reach out and get help

Topeka Metro Voice wants to help also, by providing a way to reach out to others, explaining who needs help and the details of how to help them.

This is your chance to tell Topekans how they can help your small business. Metro Voice will publish in print and online (including social media) on April 1st, a list of all who need help and can offer help. Send Metro Voice 3 paragraphs:

  • 1 about your business: who are you and what do you do?
  • 1 about how it’s been affected by the pandemic: have you lost business, have you been shut down, have you lost employees to sickness?
  • 1 about how others can help you, such as buying gift certificates, prepaying for a future service, referrals, sharing resources….you name it. If you are open right now, what are you offering? If you are not operating at all right now, such as a business that depend on events, what would help you get by?


Send the 3 paragraphs to Voice@cox.net. Metro Voice will publish the results in print and online on April 1st. if you don’t write so well, no worries, that’s what editors are for! This is your chance to let thousands of Topekans know how we can help each other.

Metro Voice is also offering to run your business card size ad for just $25, and in return will send you a gift certificate good for $25 of services at over 75 Topeka businesses that belong to Midwest Barter Exchange. This small cash token payment will help Metro Voice pay the printing bill, and the gift certificates will also help you and the small businesses that honor the gift certificates.

Also, if you own a business that is doing fine right now, please consider supporting this effort by purchasing an advertisement in Metro Voice. Metro Voice is currently offering its lowest rates to everyone. Even individuals can get in on the action by purchasing a classified ad for only $5. All print ads will also be posted on social media. This is a way to reach over 10,000 Topeka families with your information.

If you are a business or a person that is willing & able to assist struggling businesses, let us know what you have to offer or how you may be able to help. Even if it’s just an idea! Prayers are welcome too! All the information and ideas collected will be included in the article on April 1st.

For those who don’t like email, your information may be posted on the Metro Voice Facebook post that is now circulating. The same info requested in the 3 paragraphs mentioned above may be posted on the Facebook post, along with a link to your business, so that all will know how to help.

Those who have ideas on how to help other businesses may also post the ideas on the Metro Voice Facebook post. This includes helping other individuals as well as small businesses.

For more information, email Voice@cox.net.

–Lee Hartman | Metro Voice

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Can You Help?

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