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Wednesday is deadline for Missourians to register to vote in November elections

Wednesday is the deadline for Missourians to register to vote in the November 8 midterm elections. Registration application must be submitted online, completed in person or postmarked on that date for it to count.

The Kansas City Election Board oversees elections for Kansas City residents who live south of the river, and the Jackson County Election Board manages elections for residents in Jackson County who live outside of Kansas City, such as Lee’s Summit, Independence or Raytown. The Platte County Board of Elections and the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners cover everything north of the river.

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Missouri requires prospective voters to provide their full name, date of birth and address of residence when registering to vote. Applicants may be asked to provide a driver’s license number and/or a Social Security number on their registration application. They also may be given the option to affiliate with a political party, but this step is optional. Applicants must be at least 18 years old by Nov. 8, 2022, and a U.S. citizen, to vote in the next election.

Missouri voters can update their name with an election judge at their polling place on Election Day. Residents can vote in one election under their old name, but then they have to send in a new voter registration application with their new name. Voters also can update their address on Election Day if they moved to a new address within the same county and their old registration is still active.

Missouri voters will have the opportunity to weigh in on five ballot initiatives, covering issues including Kanas City Police Department funding and legalizing recreational marijuana. Kansas City voters will get to weigh in on two more ballot questions that deal with funding for parks and affordable housing.

Voters also will vote on candidates for a variety of elected positions, including U.S. senator and representatives, state senators and representatives, and state auditor. Several local positions also are on the ballot, including Clay and Platte County commissioners, Jackson County legislature seats and Jackson County executive.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice News

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