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Conservative states are home to greater income equality, better education, census data show

The more conservative the state, the greater the income equality, according to “The Daily Wire’s” analysis of new census data. New York, Connecticut and California have the biggest gulf between rich and poor, while Utah, Indiana and South Dakota have the least inequality.

“This shows that all of the things that Democrats complain about actually come from Democrat policies,” said David Gordon, a conservative political consultant. “When they complain about poor outcomes for blacks, for example, that is primarily in the areas where they have governed for generations, to catastrophic effect.”

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The analysis focused on the 10 most-liberal and 10 most-conservative states by selecting those where one party controlled the legislature and governor’s mansion and ordering them by the share of state legislature seats controlled by that party. Hawaii was the most liberal state, with 93 percent Democrats in its legislature, but it was excluded because it is not part of the mainland and is subject to unique economic forces.

That left Rhode Island, with an 87 percent-Democrat legislature, as the most Democratic state, followed by California, New York and Delaware. The most conservative state was South Dakota, with a 90 percent Republican legislature, followed by Wyoming, North Dakota and Idaho.

The stratification of blue states compared to red ones also  is evident in other measures, including race. When it comes to median income, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut had the largest gap between whites and Hispanics. Six of the 10 blue states had larger gaps between foreign-born residents and whites than every red state

In California, the average foreign-born resident made only one-third of what native-born Californians earned. By contrast, in Idaho, the average black resident made 85 percent as much as the average white person, the closest thing to racial equity of any state. In Indiana, Hispanics made close to 90 percent as much as whites.

In addition, despite liberals’ professed support of the public school system and the Democrat Party’s close relationship with teachers unions, the more liberal a state, the more likely parents are to send their kids to private school rather than public schools. Rhode Island and New York, two of the three most-liberal states, topped the list at more than 26 percent.

The unequal nature of blue states also was visible in education. Every blue state had higher shares of people with graduate degrees than every red state. But blue states also had some of the highest shares of people who did not even graduate high school.

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice News

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