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Witches plot ‘binding spell’ on Trump, calling up a ‘blue wave’

The world’s witches and Satanists are actively working to ensure Joe Biden is elected on Nov. 3. Their actions have even turned violent against Christians gathering to pray for the nation and President Trump.

Communicating through social media, witches and Satanists are using the hashtags #BindTrump and #MagicResistance while calling for what they have named a Democrat “Blue Wave” spell on November 3. Witches have been regularly trying to cast spells against Trump since his inauguration in 2017. They even worked to hex his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and regularly cast spells on Christians and conservatives.

A person identified as Terri Wonder wrote about their strategic plan in a post: “There are some state(s) where Biden has turned the tide in polling and a range of others where another successful debate could cause another shift in those red and blue lines, swinging the state polls decisively in Biden’s favor. Think Florida, Georgia, North Carolina. Let’s work our magic hard.”

Facebook shows the public group has more than 6,100 members. In another post to the page, a user identified as Cherry Wanders offers a “quick find” list, including links to the Binding and Blue Wave Spell, the Binding Dates, Blue Wave 2.0, videos to different spells, Full Moon Binding Ritual and more.

The witches are feeling especially empowered about their actions in connection with Trump’s COVID-19 infection. Some of them are claiming that their spells cast on the last full moon to bind Trump resulted in him contracting COVID shortly thereafter. Vice.com reports the witches are trying to figure out whose spell gave Trump the coronavirus. They say the announcement of the [resident’s test result on Oct. 1 coincided with the harvest moon, which is significant to witches for its symbolism related to the changing of the seasons, and they believe a very potent full moon.

At the same time, Christians have been fighting a spiritual battle for the soul of the nation, seeking God’s mercy through a massive rally of repentance called “The Return,” held in the nation’s capital right at the end of September. And numerous Christian groups and leaders have also been fasting and praying for a spiritual breakthrough, for revival and for God’s will to be done in the election.

In a blatant sign of the spiritual battle that’s under way, satanic protesters tried to disrupt a Christian outreach held by worship evangelist Sean Feucht in Seattle, but they failed to stop the move of God there.

At the event, a self-described Satanist attacked one of the organizers. Dr. Charles Karuku with International Outreach Church was attacked with a bucket of blood that was poured over his head.

At Fuecht’s prayer and worship event in Seattle, Satanists shouted “Hail, Satan!” as they surrounded the group of Christian worshippers.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice