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Wycliffe Associates sees record completed Bible translations in 2020

Despite a worldwide pandemic, Wycliffe Associates saw the completion of more Bible translations in 2020 than in any other single year.

“Instead of slowing down because of COVID-19, for some national Bible translators, translation has actually accelerated,” says Tim Neu, Interim President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates.

New Testament translations were completed in 141 languages, and eight languages now have completed translations of the Old Testament. And it did it empowering local mother-tongue Bible translators and partners with local churches in the advancement of Bible translation.

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Because millions of people around the world still wait to have the Scriptures in the language of their hearts, Wycliffe is working as quickly as it can is directly involved with speeding Bible translation by providing technology, training, resources, logistics, networking, expertise, volunteers, discipleship, church planting, and support.

It’s having tremendous success.

“I’ve been humbled to see how believers in difficult areas, some in places of intense persecution and real danger, have been absolutely unwavering in their dedication to the cause,” says Neu.

The organization facilitates new translation start-ups through workshops that teach mother-tongue translators Bible translation methodology for accelerated Bible translation. The process trains mother-tongue Bible translators to work collaboratively to translate the Scriptures for their language communities.

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Last year in response to the COVID pandemic, Wycliffe Associates launched a web-based approach that enables mother-tongue translators to participate remotely in a virtual Bible translation event and collaborate throughout the translation and checking process.

“COVID lockdowns kept Bible translators home,” says Neu, “but our online Bible translation system enabled many to continue their work together.”

It takes $19,500 to launch a Bible translation in a new language. Currently, Wycliffe Associates has 773 Bible translations in progress and has received requests from 273 language groups seeking help with launching Bible translations in 2021.

Wycliffe Associates staff and volunteers are currently accelerating Bible translations in 68 countries. For more information, please see www.wycliffeassociates.org.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice