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Dominguez, killed in her apartment while awaiting the trial of her accused rapist.

Accused rapist kills victim after release from jail over covid concerns

An accused rapist, released from prison because of the pandemic, has murdered the victim in her apartment. The horrific incident is being condemned across the nation by victims’s rights organizations and law enforcement officials after a judge released him while awaiting trial due to the coronavirus crisis.

Ibrahim Bouaichi, 33, is accused of killing his alleged victim Karla Dominguez outside of her Alexandria, Virginia, apartment on July 29.

Bouaichi was previously accused of violently raping Dominguez last October, but was released by Circuit Judge Nolan Dawkins on April 9.

rapist released

Ibrahim Bouaichi

He was originally ordered to be held without bail until his trial, but he was freed on a $25,000 bond with conditions that he could only leave his home to meet his attorneys or court officials.

The attacker went on the run after allegedly killing his victim and was branded “armed and dangerous” by law enforcement officials, The Washington Post reported.

He was then spotted by US Marshals near Alexandria County on Wednesday and was chased down by police.

Bouaichi, who was said to be in a four-month relationship with the victim, crashed his car and then shot himself and is now critically-ill in hospital.

Discussing the decision to free the Bouaichi, prosecutor Brian Porter said: “We strenuously argued that the presumption (against granting bail) had not been overcome, given the facts of the case and the violent nature of the alleged offense.”

Across the nation, several Democrat governors have released inmates into the general population, claiming that it was to protect the inmates from contracting  Covid-19.

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