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Photo: Youtube.

Activists hang ‘God Bless Abortions’ banner on Christ of the Ozarks statue

Pro-abortion activists last week hung a banner reading “God Bless Abortions” from the Christ of the Ozarks statue in Eureka Springs, Ark.

Indecline, an activist art collective started in 2001, draped the 44-foot sign as a “direct response to the dramatic attempts being made in Arkansas and throughout the South to ban abortion services to women in need.” KNWA News reported that the group dressed up to resemble construction workers, then sneaked onto the property to hang the banner.

“We think Jesus would understand the concept of a difficult decision,” Indecline wrote on a social media post. “He supposedly had to make a few of them and understood sacrifice very intimately. The Christ of the Ozarks is visible from miles away, so we just treated it like a billboard.”

The monument, built in 1966, is 7 stories tall and sits on the grounds of The Great Passion Play. The Passion Play website says it is one of the most visited attractions in the Ozarks.  The inscription on the bottom of the memorial statue from John 12:32 reads, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

Randall Christy, curator of the monument, said he’s disturbed by the move and the message. “Lord help them,” he said. “Maybe he’ll somehow touch them and make them realize how bad that message really is.”

Christy plans to press charges against Indecline for trespassing and vandalism. A spokesperson for Indecline emailed the following statement to CBN News regarding the incident:

“Our collective has 20 years of experience with threats stemming from our actions, particularly when the fanatical advocates of the issues we tackle have their feelings hurt. We are happy to accept criminal charges knowing full well that the incompetency of the prosecuting parties will further highlight the importance and effectiveness of the work we do and inspire others to do the same. We also believe that walking into a Jesus theme park at night and hanging a banner that was removed the following morning is a far cry from the draconian laws Arkansas politicians are pushing on women in need. If people can’t see that, they need their moral compass recalibrated.”

This was not the group’s first project that advocates abortion. In March, Indecline vandalized a Christian billboard in Mississippi to read, “Worried? Planned Parenthood offers abortions” instead of “Worried? Jesus offers security.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice