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Actor James Woods questions growing list of LGBT holidays

Actor James Woods is expressing his frustration over a growing list of days dedicated to the LGBTQ agenda.

His comments echo many after President Biden stirred controversy by designating Easter Sunday as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

“Joseph Biden ridicules Christians on our holiest of holidays,” Woods posted, sharing a screenshot of the White House proclamation — issued on Good Friday even as Christians were commemorating the death of Jesus on the cross — calling on all Americans to join him in “lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people” on Easter Sunday.

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Woods followed that post with another showing all of the days that the U.S. government has set aside to recognize all or part of the LGBTQ community throughout the year. “In case you missed Joseph Biden’s atrocious mockery of Christians this Easter Sunday, there are still these other opportunities he’s offering you,” he said.

The list included but was not limited to:

  • February 19-25: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
  • March 21-25: LGBTQIA+ Health Awareness Week
  • March 31: Transgender Day of Visibility
  • April 26: Lesbian Visibility Day
  • June: Pride Month
  • July 14: International Non-binary People Day
  • September 16-23: Bisexual Awareness Week
  • September 23: Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Woods went on to say that fully one-third of the year is filled with similar days. He also pointed out that Google is known for including “doodles” to mark holidays on its search engine. It has been 18 years since the tech giant has marked Easter, according to the DailyMail.

Biden further posted about it on Easter, writing on X, “Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans: I see you. You are made in the image of God, and you’re worthy of respect and dignity.”

Biden, when pressed about the issue said: “I didn’t do that.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to Biden’s denial remarks during a Monday news conference.

“Wait a minute, he said that didn’t happen, he said he didn’t do that?” DeSantis said. “Which raises the question that he’s either not being honest with the public, or he really didn’t know what was going on. Who’s running the presidency? Is it a bunch of woke, 20-something-year-old White House staffers? So I don’t know who’s in charge. The fact that he’s not owning up to it, either way, it’s bad.”

Biden, who says he is a practicing Catholic, did acknowledge Easter but only in a statement issued from the White House. “Jill and I send our warmest wishes to Christians around the world celebrating Easter Sunday,” he said in a statement. “Easter reminds us of the power of hope and the promise of Christ’s Resurrection. As we gather with loved ones, we remember Jesus’ sacrifice. We pray for one another and cherish the blessing of the dawn of new possibilities.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice

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