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After Roe: What Now? Do We Value Them Both?

The United States Supreme Court has determined that Federal Government authority to regulate abortion is not found in the Constitution, and that therefore it falls to each individual state to do so. In this decision, it was determined that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and is now overturned.


First, some facts about what this means

  • The Roe reversal did not ban abortion. It simply returned to the individual states the right to regulate it.
  • Abortion is still legal in every state, though each state has its own regulations.
  • In all states, abortion is legal to save the life of the mother.
  • Abortion regulations do not apply to tubal pregnancy or a miscarriage, stillbirth, etc.
  • Some states allow “elective” abortion through 15 weeks or more, and some allow it up until the moment of birth when the baby is halfway out of the birth canal. Some state leaders have even proposed extending abortion to a certain period AFTER birth!
  • No state in the nation bans abortion to save the life of the mother. Some of the strictest regulations on abortion in the nation also have exceptions for rape and incest. Only about 1-2% of abortions fall into these categories, however.
  • Even some ardent pro-abortioners have admitted for decades that Roe v. Wade was on shaky Constitutional grounds, even Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • Europe has stricter abortion laws than America.
  • Women tend to be pro-life more than men.


Our Culture

In America, based on the Judeo-Christian values and principles that our country was founded on, we believe that we must stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

In a strict Democracy the majority rules, but in a Republic such as we have, we have laws that protect the minority from evils that may be perpetrated by the majority.

Abortion is the civil rights issue of our time. Is human life worth protection? Do the unborn have the right to life in this country? This is a pivotal moment in our society. Roe declared that the United States as a nation favored a culture of death, and now that has changed.

There is something inside of us that tells us that killing is wrong, that killing someone’s unborn baby is also wrong. To say that it’s okay for the mother to kill it cannot be right. It is life, and cannot be justifiably snuffed out on a whim.

Roe v Wade went against all that, and it was our national shame for nearly 50 years. Many believe that God withheld His blessings from this nation because of it.

Abortion is worse than slavery. Not only does legal abortion say “this is your property to do with as you will,” but it actually denies a person the right to be born at all.

Science tells us that at conception a new life is formed with its own unique DNA, different from the mother and father. This is a new body, temporarily inside the woman’s body. Does it have personhood, with the right to life of any other American? That is a question we need to confront – individually, as states, and as a nation.

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What do we do now?

Pro-lifers have good reason to celebrate something they have prayed and fought for, for nearly 50 years. But let’s not spike the football. We don’t have to celebrate “in your face.”

We should be thankful and grateful. But the fight for life is not over. We must now fight for the right to life in each state, trying to instill the same respect and value for life in the hearts and minds of our countrymen. Speak the truth in love. Explain, educate and demonstrate what love and respect is like. That all life is precious. That all life has value – from the womb to the tomb.

While we fight to change minds on abortion, we must also support those who are already born, but need our help; whether those are babies or toddlers or teenagers who need adoption or fostering; whether those are low-income mothers who need assistance; whether those are the homeless; whether those are the mentally ill, or the elderly who can no longer take care of themselves.

Will the number of abortions decrease because of this decision? Almost certainly.

Will more unborn babies’ lives be saved? Almost certainly.

Will mothers still face unplanned expenses and difficulties? Of course.

Many corporate leaders have responded by saying that they will provide transportation for their employees to abort their babies. I wonder if they will similarly help employees with adoption, pregnancy expenses, childcare, etc.?

How will you respond? How will your business respond? How will your church respond?

How we respondwill say a lot about who we are, as individuals, as a community, and as a nation.


Will we value life at all stages?

RoeIn Kansas, we will have a choice on August 2nd. The Value Them Both amendment to the Kansas Constitution states that we “…may pass laws regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, laws that account for circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape, incest, or circumstances of necessity to save the life of the mother.”

The Kansas Supreme Court legislated from the bench when they found an unlimited “right” to an abortion in the Kansas Constitution…it’s simply not there. They went further than Roe and Casey even. That is a breach of trust by the court and the only way to rectify it is voting “yes” on August 2nd. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban (live dismemberment abortion) passed in 2015 and the 2011 abortion clinic licensing and inspection law were struck down by the court and all the laws concerning abortion passed by the legislature since 1992 are in jeopardy.  The outcome of a no vote will be a lack of laws governing abortion resulting in Kansas becoming the nation’s destination for abortions in the future.  This could include taxpayer funding of abortion.

We as a nation and as individuals need to support the babies and the mothers, with our time, talents and treasure. This is what we are called to do as Christians.

Also, government programs may need to be revised. It would be great if all those millions the government’s been sending to Planned Parenthood to finance abortions could be redirected to pregnancy centers and women’s services.

We would do well to remember:

  • Our actions have consequences
  • Sex has consequences
  • Elections have consequences


This change in national policy and culture is Donald Trump’s biggest legacy, because he appointed 3 constitutionalists (“the Constitution says what it says, and it doesn’t say what it doesn’t say”) to the Supreme Court, and it makes all his other accomplishments on the economy and foreign policy seem small by comparison.

As Christians, we are called to love everyone always. That means loving and caring for the unborn, single mothers, those who have received abortions, low-income mothers struggling to meet expenses, and people who passionately disagree with you on this topic.

When discussing this topic, leave others with no doubt of your love for everyone always.

Going forward, will we, as individuals and as a nation, foster a culture of life or a culture of death?


“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalm 139:13


“Do everything in love.”

1 Corinthians 16:14 (CSB)


“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

Galatians 5:22-23 (CSB)


–Lee Hartman | Metro Voice