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Approaching the Bible as a well-trained pilot

If you have ever been a passenger in an airplane, you have appreciated the qualities of a well-trained pilot.

Come to think of it, anyone looking up at an airplane flying overhead should have the same appreciation.

By Aaron Miller

Flying lessons are an important step on the path from aspiring aviator to pilot.  Personal instruction from a person who was once an aspiring aviator creates an environment where the student can ask questions and be led to understanding.  In addition, the instructor gets an opportunity to dispel any myths about flying the student may have picked up on the street!

It is common for people to take lessons in a variety of fields, art lessons, driving lessons, and golf lessons to name just a few.  For the non-Christian, the indifferent Christian, the aspiring Christian, or the Christian who loves one of these–what could be better than Bible lessons?

The non-Christian or indifferent Christian is often wandering through life knowing there is something more but is too busy with worldly distractions to contemplate it, as in the Parable of the Sower (see Matthew 13:3-23).  This is until something happens to disrupt their regular routine, and something always happens.

They could benefit from a scheduled appointment to discuss freely what the Bible has to offer them and some will be surprised to learn there is a clear path to salvation and a life filled with joy.  I like to call it eternity certainty.

The aspiring Christian understands there is a clear path to salvation and a life filled with joy but may not be able to see a clear on-ramp to this path.  They could benefit from a scheduled appointment to discuss the tenets of Christianity and an introduction to Biblical history, doctrine, and resources.  It also helps them to know they are not alone, there is a vast network of Christians that can be found in surprising places.

For the Christian who loves someone who needs to have a better understanding of the Bible, gift certificates for Bible lessons could be a new way to bring up the subject and participate in their loved one’s Christian walk.

Personal, interactive Bible lessons shouldn’t replace any other path to a deeper understanding of Biblical truth, but it is a new route that may be just the ticket for some.  For more information, go to www.introtojoy.com.

–Aaron Miller, CCA PASp has found a vocation in agriculture, fulfillment in the Bible, and his greatest blessings in his family.


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