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Longview Beach is one of the busiest in the Kansas City metro.

Area beaches closed because of flooding

Forget the local beaches, at least for a while.

Summer plans for a day at area lakes may need to take a rain check as beaches at Blue Springs Lake, Longview Lake and others remain closed because of torrential rain and flooding.

“Not being able to open this weekend is a real disappointment,” said Tina Spallo, superintendent of recreation for Jackson County Parks and Recreation.

It’s been too wet to use the machinery, which mixes in new sand, according to Spallo, and trash is building up along the debris lines.

“We haven’t had the opportunity of a lot of sunny days … because we know this is going to change here in a little bit,” Spallo said.


Still, Dave Bass, the administrator at the marinas, said they’re prepared for visitors this holiday weekend and hope the forecast doesn’t turn them away.

“We have really spent a lot of time working on the ramps, making sure that they’re going to be good for the weekend so they wont be a problem at all,” Bass said.

Some people already were trying to enjoy the holiday weekend, but scattered rain showers couldn’t stay away.

“It’s kind of a bummer because we can’t be out there, but at least we can still be here and have fun,” boater Rick Klemenz said.

Klemenz and his family took cover in the marina as the rain poured Friday.

“The rain has definitely put a damper on springtime activities,” Klemenz said.

Spallo, like much of the rest of Kansas City, was simply hoping for a break in the clouds and a peak at the sun.

“Each day that we have sunshine … brings us more luck,” Spallo said.

The golf courses and campgrounds at both parks will be open, though officials said there may be some minor flooding in spots.

The beaches at Blue Springs and Longview lakes now are expected to open June 1.

Kansas lakes are expected to open on time but check local websites  for information.

–KSHB and Metro Voice