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Ben Shapiro hits no. 1 on iTunes with rap song

Move over Taylor Swift, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has hit number one on the charts with a conservative rap song.

“America’s no. 1 rapper,” reads Ben Shapiro’s Twitter profile.

The song “Facts” with Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald, features co-founder of The Daily Wire—clad in a gray hoodie with the words “Facts don’t care about your feelings—has drawn more than 8.4 million views on YouTube. It’s even gotten a nod from Nicki Minaj.

MacDonald, wearing a gray hoodie that says “I don’t care if I offend you,” raps about American flags being taken down, replaced by Black Lives Matter and rainbow banners. It also alludes to the fight against antisemitism.

“We ain’t selling drugs, we ain’t gonna overdose. We ain’t pushing guns and promoting stripper poles,” he raps. “We won’t turn your sons into thugs or your daughters into hos.”

Shapiro, who is Jewish, raps for part of the video. “Dog it’s a yarmulke. Homie no cap,” he says at one point.

“I just listened to it. Ben Shapiro, not bad. Congrats on no. 1,” wrote the rapper Nicki Minaj, to her 28 million followers. “But it definitely sounds like Roman’s Revenge when the beat first came in. I don’t know.” (She was referring to her 2010 song.)

“I just want to thank God, Tom MacDonald and my parents, who paid for 15 years of classical violin lessons so I could become the no. 1 rapper in America,” Shapiro posted.

The song became the no. 1 song on iTunes.

“For those who don’t appreciate my artistic stylings, all I can say is that they didn’t appreciate Bach properly in his own time, either,” Shapiro said.



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