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Discovering the 7 Churches of Revelation on the Big Screen

Combining archeology, history, science, and scriptures with film, Tim Mahoney offers a new examination of the warnings written by the apostle John regarding how we should choose to live. The movie theater experience with two movies (see local movie times here), March 10-11 Times of Fire and March 17-18 Times of Deception, starts with viewing a cave on Patmos where it’s believed John may have been exiled and received a revelation from Jesus. The revelation includes letters to seven churches that provide keys to the condition Jesus wants for our hearts and faith.

Tim Mahoney.

Cinematography of these cities such as the Acropolis in Pergamon brings the past to life. Insights from the historical scenes and experts reflect the struggles in each location to give viewers a fuller appreciation of the praises and warnings. The messages, the last words Christ gave in the Bible, bring hope as Christ encourages us to make needed changes and be steadfast in faith.

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Each city’s unique attributes and culture tie to the challenges Christians faced. The first three faced persecution. The final four struggled with deception. Listen to an interview with Tim about the letters.

At Ephesus, a thriving Christian community and center of trade and politics, Paul had his missionary base for three years. Jesus urged the people of this church to stay with their first love, for Christ. People struggled with pagan worshipers who tried to eradicate Christians.

Pergamon. Photo submitted.

The letter sent to the Pergamum church addresses the wickedness of satanic worship. Also addresses, is the evil of witchcraft that can become a stumbling block to Christians who might consider fortune telling, dream therapy, and astrology harmless fun and not stay true to their faith.

Other churches visited and corresponding letters reveal the problems of deceptions and twisted views of scriptures that drew followers away. A segment of Thyatira’s Christians listened to a false teacher named Jezebel. She led them into immorality and eating foods offered to idols, which finds its way into every age. Experts share the historic significance of the imagery of the churches, including the woman called Jezebel ,and battle for holiness and purity.

Look for the city’s historical condition and how that reflects the faith conditions. As you view the movies be a detective like the narrator. The city that’s the most active place of archeology digs

  • The city that has the most active archeological digs.
  • The city with original church pillars still standing has become a symbol of hope.
  • What location has the oldest restored Christian church in the world?
  • What city references water the most, and why that is significant?
  • Where the largest ruins of a synagogue have been uncovered and its importance to Christianity.
  • How materialism and a decadent lifestyle in one city may have led to the warnings given to that church.

Check out more information including photos. Ask yourself, “Am I ready if Christ returned now.” Reflect on your own faith condition and lifestyle. Be aware of changes you need to make and areas in which to remain steadfast against outside forces and temptations.

By Karen Whiting | Special to Metro Voice

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