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The Z-Man. Image: Joe's.

CBS Sports loves Z-Man Sandwich at Joe’s Kansas City for Super Bowl

For many fans, Super Bowl Sunday is as much about food as it is about football. CBS Sports, which will broadcast the game between Kansas City and San Francisco, offered its culinary recommendations.

“Kansas City is famous for its barbecue joints, such as Arthur Bryant’s, Gates and Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que,” it said. “Throw what you want on the grill, as long as the weather permits, but why not try Joe’s beloved Z-Man Sandwich, which is a favorite of actor Paul Rudd, who lived many years in Kansas? It consists of smoked brisket, provolone cheese, K.C.-style barbecue sauce (sweet and spicy with a molasses base) and onion rings all piled on a Kaiser roll. You can make miniature ones — easier to grab while focusing on the game — by using slider or dinner rolls.

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“There is one other food tradition that is popular in the Midwest —  we’re talking about the questionable pairing of cinnamon rolls and chili, and we’re not going there. But feel free to make a big slow cooker of chili, always a Super Bowl favorite.”

CBS also has advice for fans who want to experience the feel of the big game in Las Vegas.

“How are we fitting in the Vegas vibe?” it said. “The city is known for its high-roller celebrity-chef restaurants, but its casino buffets are iconic. So you’re in luck — Super Bowl spreads are most often served buffet style, so scatter some playing cards and poker chips among your red, white and gold decorations and you’re golden.

“We hope these ideas have gotten you out of the wings-and-pizza rut (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and inspired you to elevate your spread for the clash between the Chiefs and 49ers.”



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