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Christians showing up to pray in hospital parking lots

In I Timothy 2:8 we are commanded to lift up holy hands in prayer. Across the nation, that’s exactly what is happening as Christians pray in the parking lot of countless hospitals. They’re praying for the medical workers struggling to save lives of those sick with the coronavirus.

Numerous people gathered outside a hospital in Albany, Georgia and prayed for safety over the men and women working inside Phoebe Putney Medical Systems. As they sat in their vehicles, those who attended the prayer vigil raised their hands to God for mercy and grace to be present.

Dozens of different vehicles parked outside Poinciana Medical Center in Kissimmee, Florida where the sound of horns honking and headlights flashing could be seen – all to show love and support for the hospital staff.

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Car and trucks were jammed packed around Russell Medical Center in Alexander City, Alabama where people prayed for God’s protection for all those affected by the Coronavirus.

Area pastors and medical staff at Annie Penn Hospital in Reidsville, North Carolina gathered in the parking lot for a “Gathering of the Hands” service. Chaplain Patricia Wright led the service, declaring that the community, hospital staff and patients will overcome COVID-19.

Loads of cars parked outside one hospital where the popular Christian song “Awesome God” plays to offer encouragement for the medical staff inside.

More faithful people gathered to share God’s glory while listening to Leeland’s “Way Maker.”

And the prayers aren’t just taking place outside all these hospitals, they’re also happening inside where multiple videos show medical workers joining together to pray while in their scrubs and masks.

Many of the videos are posted on the “NAME above all names” Facebook page where doctors and nurses are sharing their faith and praying together.

While dressed in their gowns and masks, a team of doctors listen to worship music inside the hospital and pray together for their patients.

Another video shows doctors and nurses on their knees praying aloud, “Grant us favor as we seek your faith, O God, to bring divine healing from heaven.”

In a hospital hallway, medical staff gathered and tearfully prayed together for God’s help during these challenging times.

“We ask you to encourage them to be the leaders You have called them to be. Lord give them patience, strength and most of all love. Help them to see You in the difficult times.”

Please continue to pray for those at the front lines who are battling the Coronavirus outbreak.

–Christian Broadcasting News Network

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