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Daily News Briefs: Russia attacks Ukraine’s largest mall; Egypt, Israel exchange fire; Trump trial

News briefs today include Russian attack on a Ukrainian mall; Palestinian state recognition; Trump trial resumes; and Israel/Egypt exchange fire.

Egyptian who shot at Israeli troops is killed by return fire

An Egyptian soldier was killed Monday by an Israeli soldier after the Egyptians reportedly opened fire on an IDF unit. Egyptian and IDF troops are stationed across from each other on the border separating Egypt and the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian soldiers reportedly shot at an IDF engineering corps unit operating on the edge of Rafah. The fighting ended after the IDF called their Egyptian counterparts to prevent escalation. Last year 22-year-old Egyptian police officer, Muhammad Salah Ibrahim, opened fire and killed three IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Egyptian border east of Gaza. Egypt and Israel have a peace treaty and generally work together on issues of security. The incident came after Israel admitted to “mistakes” after 44 civilians were reportedly killed Monday in an IDF attack Hamas leaders in Rafah. Telephone conversations between Gazans, recorded by Israeli security and released Tuesday, reveal Gazan citizens saying that civilians were killed by shrapnel and that the initial Israeli airstrike was very small. Israel did not know the facility was also a secret munition storehouse.

Closing arguments in Trump case Tuesday

The jury returns to court today to hear closing arguments in a New York case against former President Donald Trump. In an unusual move, Judge Juan Merchan last week gave jurors seven days off instead of scheduling closing arguments before the Memorial Day weekend. Merchan plans to charge the jury on Wednesday and estimated his instructions for jurors will take an hour. Jurors will then leave the courtroom to deliberate. The former president will be required to remain in the courthouse during deliberations in case jurors send a note to the court because a defendant must be president for any such notes. Trump will be required to remain at the courthouse during deliberations, in case there is a note from the jury. The former president needs to be present for the reading of any jury notes.

Russia strikes one of Ukraine’s largest shopping centers

Ukrainian citizens and first responders continue to sift through the debris of a mega shopping store in Kharkiv. Nineteen shoppers were killed in the multi-story Epicenter Hypermarket Shopping Center after it was struck by Russian drones late Monday. The store that was hit within the mal, reportedlly had 200 shoppers inside. Security camera footage of the moment of the strike shows the building shake on impact, then immediately engulfed in flames and smoke. Ukraine’s interior minister, Ihor Klymenko, said the hours following the strike on the mall were “hellish” and thanked everyone who helped to put out the fires. The dead include a 12-year-old girl. Russia continues to target specifically civilian areas, in its bid to retake ground it previously lost during its invasion two years ago. (Photo of mall:DarynaBorysenko / NV)

Spain, Ireland and  Norway recognize Palestinian state

Critics say that Spain, Norway and Ireland are rewarding Hamas for its attack on Israel after they recognized a Palestinian state. The move contradicts the Oslo Peace Accords formulated by former President Bill Clinton and the then leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The peace agreement stated that statehood would come only after negotiated setttlement betweent he parties and Palestinians recognizing Israel’s right to exist. The PA has since turned down multiple offers by Israel to form a state based on security guarantees to the Jewish people. Israel has withdrawn its ambassadors from Ireland, Norway and Spain and called in their envoys in Tel Aviv. Israel required that the three watch  Hamas bodycam footage of the rape, torture and brutal deaths of women and children during the Oct 7 Hamas attack.

–Dwight Widaman and news services


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