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Pastor Greg Laurie video has Jesus, Ronald Reagan talking

jesus reagan

Actor Jonathan Roumie plays the role of Jesus on “The Chosen,” while Dennis Quaid will play the part of former President Ronald Reagan in an upcoming movie. Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest ...

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One Million Souls Campaign sharing gospel through “Firing Squad” movie

firing souls

The ambitious One Million Souls Campaign hopes to introduce one million people to Christ through the message of redemption in the upcoming movie “The Firing Squad.” Directed by Christian filmmaker Tim Chey, ...

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Chiefs Hallmark Christmas movie to film in Kansas City

hallmark chiefs

Two iconic Kansas City brands – Hallmark and the Chiefs – are teaming up for a new Christmas movie. “Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story” is set to air during the 15th ...

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Back where it all began: Walt Disney Hometown Museum showcases family history


Few people have had more of an impact on American culture than Walt Disney. Nearly six decades after his death, the Disney name remains synonymous with family entertainment, from movies and television ...

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Historic all-sign-language movie ‘Jesus: A Deaf Missions Film’ comes to theaters

jesus deaf

(RNS) — Joseph Josselyn remembers being fascinated by the 1977 drama “Jesus of Nazareth” — but as a Deaf child, he had to rely on closed captions to catch the dialogue. “I ...

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Joplin church produces movie on impact of pornography

undefiled movie

One surefire way to promote a quality movie for Christians is to make it yourself. This is just what Journey Church, a Southern Baptist congregation in Joplin, is doing. The church’s Light ...

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Cuba Gooding Jr.’s new movie resembles his own faith journey


Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. considers his new role as a drug dealer turned Christian in “The Firing Squad” one of the most significant of his career. “After living through the pandemic ...

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Audiences feel connection with musical family depicted in “Unsung Hero”

unsung hero

Filmmaker Andy Erwin is no stranger to success, with a long string of popular Christian movies. Even so, his new film “Unsung Hero” is different. “I don’t know what it is that ...

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Director Martin Scorsese producing TV series about Christian saints

scorsese saints

Legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese will produce and host a documentary series about Christian saints. “Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints” is scheduled as an eight-part limited series, with the first four episodes debuting ...

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True story of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson streams this month

duck robertson

“The Blind,” the true story of Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame, will be available on demand from Great American Pure Flix, beginning on March 22. “The message of ‘The Blind’ is ...

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Discovering the 7 Churches of Revelation on the Big Screen

churches revelation

Combining archeology, history, science, and scriptures with film, Tim Mahoney offers a new examination of the warnings written by the apostle John regarding how we should choose to live. The movie theater ...

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Larry Boy returns in Veggie Tales movie


Christian parents who grew up watching Veggie Tales now are sharing the popular shows with their own kids. The producers, Big Idea Content Group and Kingstone Studios, have announced that a new ...

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“Someone Like You,” is first movie based on Kingsbury novel

kingsbury movie

“Someone Like You,” the first major movie based on a book by bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 2. “We’re excited about it,” Kingsbury says. ...

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Movies will tell story of Winans family


The name “Winans” has long been synonymous with gospel music. “Thankful,” a seven-part series about the family, is in development. The series opens in North Carolina in 1805, moving through Mississippi and ...

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Even Kevin McCallister from “Home Alone” would feel squeezed by current inflation


In a scene from the 1990 holiday movie “Home Alone,” 8-year-old Kevin McCallister went grocery shopping by himself. He purchased a number of grocery and household items for less than $20. Times ...

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REVIEW: ‘Prince of Egypt: The Musical’ movie

prince egypt

When people make lists of the best faith-based films of all time, particularly from my generation, they almost always include Dreamworks’s animated film “The Prince of Egypt.” A feature animated film based ...

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New film brings to life stories behind Casting Crowns songs

casting film

Millions of Christians enjoy the music of Casting Crowns. Now they can learn the stories behind the words in the new documentary film “Casting Crowns: Home by Sunday.” The group’s Mark Hall ...

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National Geographic film “The Mission” tells story of murdered missionary

the mission

“The Mission,” a new documentary film from National Geographic, shares the story of John Chau, a 26-year-old missionary who was killed by the Sentinelese tribe after he traveled to North Sentinel Island, ...

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Kevin Sorbo brings comedy to big screen in “Miracle in East Texas”

sorbo texas

Family-friendly entertainment is returning to theaters in late October. “Miracle in East Texas,” a comedy directed by Kevin Sorbo, is based on a true story from the early 1930s. Sorbo (“Hercules,” “God’s ...

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More than 70 homeless baptized after watching “The Blind” movie

the blind

The new movie “The Blind,” which tells the story of the “Duck Dynasty” family, is changing lives as well as attracting viewers to the theater. A number of people have been baptized ...

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Mike Pompeo reminds Christians of deep connections with Israel’s history

pompeo history

Christianity is deeply connected with the nation of Israel and its history, says Mike Pompeo, former Kansas congressman and U.S. secretary of state. “It is impossible for Christians not to understand the ...

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Jesus as Ken and Mary as Barbie?

jesus ken

The planned relaunch of Jesus Ken and Barbie Virgin Mary dolls in Argentina is being criticized by Catholic groups and others. This comes after the international success of Greta Gerwig’s controversial “Barbie” ...

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New film version of “The Hiding Place” in theaters next month

the hiding place

A filmed stage adaptation of “The Hiding Place,” which tells the story of Corrie ten Boom and her courageous family during the horrors of World War II, will be shown in theaters ...

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Stay away from “Barbie” movie, Movieguide founder warns parents


“Barbie” earned more than $155 million at the box office last weekend. However, a leading Christian film critic is warning families to avoid seeing it. “The movie is worse than you could ...

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AMC not conspiring against “Sound of Freedom,” according to Angel Studios

amc sound

Recent rumors on Facebook and other social media platforms claim that Kansas City-based AMC is using such tactics as turning off the air conditioning to discourage people from seeing “Sound of Freedom.” ...

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