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Does the Left truly hate America?

Does the Left truly hate America?

It was a tale of two flags, a tale of two anthems:  Earlier in the year, Nike announced that they would be selling a Betsy Ross Flag sneaker. Collin Kaepernick quickly came out and said that the flag was racist, and Nike pulled out of selling these shoes. This is the same man who disrespected our anthem and our nation by kneeling during the anthem over – supposedly – police brutality; but clearly now we know it’s his feelings toward this country. Much of his point is based on lies because Betsy Ross was a Quaker, a sect of Christians who were instrumental in abolishing slavery in the British Empire and were a major part of the Underground Railroad here in the US.

Currently in Hong Kong, the Chinese face true oppression from Communist China. Recently, China decided to change the court system in China making it less about finding the innocent and condemning the guilty and more about condemning those who love freedom. The court and the police would be their gestapo or KGB and hunt down any who disagree with Communist China’s agenda.

The people of Hong Kong revolted. They took to the streets. They grabbed the American Flag and waved it proudly. They sang the American anthem though English is not their native tongue.

Why? The Flag and the Anthem are the symbols of liberty to the world. These are the icons of freedom that the truly oppressed cling to. These very same things are what spoiled sometimes misinformed American despise.

So does the Left truly hate America?

Recently, the New York Times (the same paper that refused to report on the holocaust for years) decided to run a series on “1619” rewriting American history and stating our country was built on slavery because they were all racist. It was not; and as a whole, they were not. While this is not the first time in American history that they have attempted this nor does it seem like it will be its most successful (Howard Zinn’s rewrite of American History A People’s History of the United States), this is just another in a long list of America bashing that has existed since we won our war for independence from England.

Shortly after independence, the Left supported the leftist French Revolution which not only sought to liberate man from an earthy king but a heavenly Father as well. That revolution led to much bloodshed and tyranny. These leftists would plunge Europe into a continental war.

It was the leftist Andrew Jackson, the “Father of the Modern Day Democrat Party” and politician for that matter, who first used our government to make himself wealthy and also gave us the “Trail of Tears.”

It was the Left who desired activist judges to keep those enslaved (both white and mostly black) in the South from ever finding freedom. It was the Left that forbade the teaching of the Bible to the slaves. It was the Left who tried to create a similar system in the northern metropolitan cities with the tenements and slums they created for incoming immigrants.

It was the Left who desired to create an American aristocracy which was the opposite of what the Founders intended. It was the Left who desired secession in the South and whose northern counterparts did all they could to sabotage Lincoln during the Civil War. It was the Left who created the KKK to reclaim the power they lost during Reconstruction, using fear and murder.

It was the Left, led by the likes of FDR, who were jealous of Hitler and Mussolini because of how quickly they were able to institute leftist policies in their countries. It took the betrayal of their favorite butcher of freedom and life, Joseph Stalin, for them to want to go to War against the Axis Powers. The Left always has its favorites.

It was the Left who founded the United Nations to put a cap of power on the USA and enforce their will on all nations. It was the Left who constantly sided with the Communists during the Cold War. They are the ones who said, “It was better to be Red than dead.”

It was the Left who cost the USA victory in Korea and Vietnam which led to the death of hundreds of millions and loss of freedom for much of Asia. It was the left who infiltrated our college campuses and eventually school classrooms, where they indoctrinated the American Youth and created the Counterculture of the Sixties, as well as the mentality that America has always been the villain.

It was leftist judges who stripped God from the classrooms and created an eventual massive moral decline in our schools, homes, and nation. This created the mass murderers that roam our country now. It was those same judges who wrote law after law stripping away our freedoms slowly.

It was the Left who created an ever-growing bureaucracy which bankrupts business, creates unsustainable debt, and strips away freedom with massive regulations which are unnecessary and often redundant. It was the Left who created the Climate Change Hoax (from Global Cooling to Global Warming) to strike fear into a gullible generation who willingly relinquish their freedom in hopes that it might save the environment; even though, like the rain dances of old, nothing they do could ever influence nature.

It was the Left after 9/11 who brought division back to our nation in a time of mourning and unity. It was the left who sided with the terrorists time and time again, defending them, indoctrinating our school children with the terrorist belief system, and finding fault in everything done to combat this evil. It was the Left who set many of these terrorists free creating new threats like ISIS.

It is the Left who time and time again show intolerance toward our Founding Fathers, founding Faith, and foundation which is the Bible. The Left show disdain toward our Constitution, calling it antiquated and needing to be replaced. The Left calls for the silence, destruction, and sometimes even death of those who dare voice contradiction to the tenant of their beliefs.

The Left defends lawlessness and demands those who obey the law to turn in their guns and depend on the government for protection. The Left condemn normality and praise the abnormal, abominable, and abhorrent. They want a large influx of illegal immigrants for two reasons: to keep a permanent underclass in America and to silence the Black Vote which, as they leave the Left’s plantation and think for themselves, is ever more leaning to the right where they originated.

Does the Left hate America?

One can be critical of the ones they love, but usually not to other people. The more they vocally criticize that loved one to others the less they love that person. We often hide the faults of the ones we love to others. We do it because we love them and want others to love them too. Love covers all sins.

There is a difference between correction and criticizing. When all you do is criticize, there can be no love. There must be as much praise, if not more than, criticism coming from your mouth if you truly love. They say that love is blind. The Left has no blind spots toward America. They see all her faults whether real or imagined.

They desire to weaken America and want a global government to take its place. They want no borders, nor do they want restrictions to their powers. They blame America for all the world’s faults, though many of those problems existed before America’s founding and in many places still exist.

This is not a criticism of one party. The Left dominates one and has high influence in the other. The Left corrupts both parties.

Does the Left hate America? You tell me.

George Ismael Feliu


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