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Elon Musk with Benjamin Netanyahu touring site of Hamas attack. Photo: Netanyahu Twitter

Elon Musk visits Israeli Kibbutz attacked by Hamas

Elon Musk on Monday saw firsthand the devastation from the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre of civilians in Israel.

The tech billionaire was briefed by the head of the local council and saw the devastation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kfar Aza, located less than two miles from the Gaza border and home to around 900 residents before the massacre, saw hordes of heavily armed Hamas terrorists invade that morning, murdering an estimated 62 people with at least 19 kidnapped or missing.

A total of 1,200 people were murdered and more than 5,000 wounded across southern Israel on Oct. 7, with some 240 taken hostage to Gaza.

Tours home of kidnapped children

Musk also toured the home of the Itamari family, where Abigail Idan, a 4-year-old American-Israeli, was abducted by Hamas terrorists after they murdered her parents in front of her. Idan crawled under her father’s bloodied body to hide. She was released on Sunday along with 13 other Israelis held in Gaza.

At one point, Musk paused to view a blood-soaked baby crib.

Musk views a baby crib that had been pulled out of a house. Photo: GPO Twitter.

Finally, Musk and Netanyahu moved on to the kibbutz’s “youth neighborhood,” which suffered the brunt of the fire on Oct. 7.

Musk was scheduled to meet with Israeli President Isaac Herzog and the families of those still being held hostage by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza. According to the President’s Office, they will among other things discuss the need “to act to combat rising antisemitism online.”

Netanyahu later on Monday will hold a live online discussion with Musk about the security aspects of artificial intelligence and other topics, the Prime Minister’s Office said.

Musk and Netanyahu met in September in California, where they held a private meeting, held an online discussion and toured the Tesla electric vehicle factory in Fremont.

He agreed to only provide Starlink services to Gaza with Israeli approval.



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