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Equity warrior and NBA star Stephen Curry loses fight against affordable housing near his estate

Outspoken Christian, equity activist and NBA star Stephen Curry has regularly spoken out against so-called white privilege and income inequality. The Golden State Warriors point guard joined other democrats in fighting affordable housing near their sprawling mansions.

Curry and his wife Ayesha, who is a social media influencer, are objecting to the establishment of multi-family housing on a property next to his multi-million dollar estate, according to reports.

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The Curry estate in one of the most exclusive zip codes in the nation.

The couple live in Atherton — one of the nation’s most exclusive liberal enclaves — and count as their neighbors Big Tech moguls, athletes and movers and shakers in the Democrat Party. Most are on record talking about income inequality and affordable housing and Black Lives Matter flags are the norm and not the exception.

Social media users, including notable liberals and conservatives, have pointed out their hypocrisy for not wanting new three-story town houses encroaching on their “privacy.”

Curry, who regularly tweets on social justice issues, admitted that joining other millionaires and billionaires made him and his wife uneasy.’

“We hesitate to add to the ‘not in our backyard’  rhetoric, but we wanted to send a note before today’s meeting,” they wrote on Jan. 18. “Safety and privacy for us and our kids continues to be our top priority and one of the biggest reasons we chose to live in Atherton.”

Atherton officials approved a plan this week to increase affordable housing which has disappeared as the well-to-do have snatched up middle-income homes, often bulldozing them to build mega-estates.

The project at 23 Oakwood will not fall under very low or low-income, as media outlets are reporting. They’re actually condos. Council member Rick DeGolia argued that because land in Atherton is worth up to $8 million per acre, it is impossible to build low-income housing.

The couple’s last Atherton home sold for $31 million which they used to buy their current 17,000-square-foot estate for $30 million, according to reports.

Other local heavyweights — including billionaire investor Marc Andriessen — have previously lobbied against the introduction of more affordable housing into the area.

With a median home price of more than $7 million, Atherton ranked first on Forbes’ priciest zip code list last year.

As the council voted to move ahead, many of the liberal elites cried, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

One millionaire resident named Tom said it’s “difficult” to live in a town where the average home is  is close to $8 million: “It’s getting more and more dense and more and more difficult. And that’s not what we all paid to be here for. It’s not fair. It’s attacking everyone’s own values and their lives.”



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