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Faith, Family and baseball can bring people towards Christ

Take me out to the ballgame any day and especially on a day I can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a part of it.  Our ministry focuses on getting the Gospel in front of as many people as we can wherever we can through conferences, concerts, camps and a host of other creative events. Among those creative events is Safe at Home.  For over 17 years, we have partnered with professional baseball teams through Safe at Home to share the Gospel with those who otherwise might not hear it.


Scott Dawson, Safe at Home

We all know people with whom we want to share the Gospel, but it can sometimes be difficult to get them to a place where they hear the message of Christ.  Originating from that thought, Safe at Home creates a unique partnership between baseball, ministry and celebration music.  Churches invite their friends to watch America’s pastime and stick around after the last run of the game to hear a great concert and The Greatest News.

Since it’s inception, Safe at Home has proclaimed the Gospel to tens of thousands of baseball fans.   In Kansas City alone, there have been over 53,500 in attendance at Safe at Home events with over 584 recorded decisions for Christ.  As part of each event, hundreds of local pastors and members of the church body have been involved with encouraging people at the time they make decisions and leading them through the next steps to build and strengthen their faith.  It is our great privilege to provide those Encouragers with training to use not only at Safe at Home but in their own personal evangelistic efforts.  It is our hope that the local church will employ Safe at Home as a unique tool in their evangelism programs.

With only a few days until this year’s Kansas City Faith and Family game, we pray this Safe at Home event will be one of the greatest ones yet.  Help us spread the word to friends, family, co-workers and others and let’s work together to make a great impact for Christ!  See you at the ballpark…

Proclaiming hope!

Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson Ministries