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FCA launched “24 Hours of Unbroken Prayer” today

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes today kicked off 24 hours of unbroken global prayer. The effort runs Friday, Feb. 16 through Saturday.

“Prayer is a foundational component of a Christian’s spiritual walk, yet it’s easily overlooked in today’s busy world,” said Silas Mullis, FCA’s Director of Field Operations. “FCA’s ‘24 Hours of Unbroken Prayer’ is a powerful opportunity for faculty, coaches, and athletes to gather together and pray for the future of our ministry.”

The is designed to “reinvigorate the spiritual walk of both coaches and athletes and “inspire a heart for unceasing prayer.

The “24 Hours of Unbroken Prayer” was founded in 2018 by Regional International Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region Mark Stephens when he felt convicted to deepen his prayer life and found inspiration in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, where the apostle Paul famously instructs believers to “pray without ceasing.” Stephens coordinated with FCA’s East Asia region and organized 48 half-hour shifts for participants to commit to praying for themselves, their teammates, the ministry, and more. The response was more enthusiastic than Stephens could have dreamed, and now “24 Hours of Unbroken Prayer” has grown to become a global opportunity for comradery and prayer.

“I was excited to have so many people seeking the Lord for the work He wants to do in and through our people,” Stephens previously said. “But mostly, for our region, I felt the Lord’s momentum. We were doing the right thing. We were engaging in prayer together. We were crying out to God for our needs, for wisdom. For me personally, I felt a closeness to the Lord. I don’t know how else to say it. It just felt right. I felt like I was walking in the Lord’s will.”

The orgnaization says the effort is an opportunity to recapture the concept of prayer and inspire a closer connection with Christ.

Visit Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ website at www.fca.org.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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