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Hundreds gather at Disney Studios to protest company’s woke agenda

More than 500 people gathered in front of Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, Calif., this week to speak out against the company’s woke agenda. Organized by Sean Feucht and his Hold the Line team, the rally provided a platform for parents and others to stand up against what they see as an anti-family agenda.

People from various parts of Southern California began arriving at Disney headquarters’ front gate in a continuous stream before 5 p.m. Many carried signs, some bullhorns and some stood and observed departing Disney employees, who sat in their cars and looked straight ahead until the light turned green and they could pull away. Eventually, guards in the Disney complex shut the front gate and redirected employees in another direction.

Parents Cody and Hayley Herrick came with their three kids, one in a stroller and two holding handmade signs that read “Let Kids Be Kids.”

“We love Disney movies,” Cody said. “We grew up watching them. Then it got to this point where they’re pushing this agenda and they won’t stop. We had Disney Plus and we decided to cancel it and come out here and support our side of the message, and tell them we don’t like what they’re doing.”

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Feucht’s team said it didn’t pick a fight with Disney — Disney did by strongly opposing legislation aimed at keeping sexuality out of early grade-school classrooms in Florida. The revival-and-resistance movement decided over the weekend to hold essentially a pop-up concert on a flatbed truck in front of the once-beloved media company’s headquarters. Hold the Line was contacted by the Burbank Police Department in advance to coordinate efforts and ensure people’s safety, especially from traffic. Feucht, on a bullhorn, led chants of “Boycott Disney!” and “No more groomers!”

Pastor Rob McCoy of GodSpeak Calvary Chapel church in Newbury Park told the crowd, “They are not entertaining our children; they are indoctrinating them. What was once a mainstay in American culture has been taken over by the woke culture, and now if they want to mess with our kids — you’ve gone too far. We’re here today to proclaim that our children are off-limits.”

–Alan Goforth | Metro Voice