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I started art school this week

I began a new journey this week. I’m back in school! Art school.

While I’ve worked in journalism for over 30 years, my degree is in art and design. I realize they’re both similar in that they use the creative process but art has a special place in one’s heart.

I’ve felt a tug for several years, a yearning really, to revisit my God-given talents. It began in the winter of 2019 with a health challenge. A year later, my daughter requested I create a large piece of artwork for her home. I complied with some reservations. Then Covid hit and during the lockdown, I began sketching around our house.

I must say that last night, sitting in the studio of the art academy, I felt some exhilaration and maybe a tad bit of fear. Fear that I would fail. Fear that friends and family would find it silly. Fear of rejection. Fear I wouldn’t have the stamina or time to see it through.

Is it silly? I don’t know. Maybe. I’ve stared at a computer screen for three decades and last night it felt wonderful to stare at a simple blank sheet of drawing paper taped to an easel with all the possibilities it presented.

My mom was the first person who encouraged me to pursue art. When she passed away almost five years ago, I received about $1,500 when her estate was settled. It’s been sitting in an account as I felt a little guilty doing anything with something that represented years of struggle and sacrifice of my parents. I’ve chosen to invest that in this new personal pursuit.

I’m still here, at the Metro Voice, but I’ve discovered another purpose. I know mom and dad (who was also artistic) would be happy.

Is there something tugging at your heart?


–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice


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