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‘Israel Uncharted!’ 3 evenings of Biblical discoveries and news

You are invited to attend “Israel Uncharted!” – an exciting evening of archaeological and Biblical discovery beginning July 19. For three consecutive evenings, presentations will be held across the Kansas City area exploring some of the most exciting news coming from Israel and a “behind-the-headlines” look at the news.

One topic starts with the question “Can evidence exist today that points unmistakably to the earliest existence of the Hebrews in the Promised Land?” Yes! And some of the most remarkable examples are known as the “footsteps of God.” Spread out along the Jordan River valley, most exist in an area known as Argaman and are referred to as Gilgal sites in the Bible.

There’s no better expert on the subject than Aaron Lipkin from Ofra, Israel.

Aaron, son of noted Bible scholar Avi Lipkin, is well known in Israel as an archaeologist and leads the effort to discover and preserve some of the earliest evidence of ancient Israelites in the land.

TOUR ISRAEL: Visit the footstep sites with Aaron Lipkin and Dwight and Anita Widaman

Another early site is that of Joshua’s altar, for which Aaron has been the caretaker for over a decade.

On a return weekly visit to the altar earlier this year, Aaron was heartbroken to discover that the local Palestinian authority had destroyed portions of the 3,300 year-old site. Ancient stones used in its construction were pulverized into gravel for a new Palestinian road at the bottom of the hill.

He immediately called authorities and the desecration became international news. The rebuilding became a joint service project over a period of months as both Christians and Jews labored to restore and protect the altar from further destruction.

You can learn more about these sites and other exciting Biblical archaeological discoveries when Aaron visits Kansas City on a national tour.

Metro Voice and VisionIsrael.com, an educational non-profit started by Dwight and me, will host Aaron Lipkin for three, free exciting public presentations.

Each evening of Israel Uncharted! covers slightly different topics on the latest archaeology that makes the Scriptures come to life. Aaron will also include a behind-the-scenes look at current events from someone who raises his family in Samaria and who is called upon regularly by Israeli cable television to speak on current events and discoveries.

The presentations are approximately 60-70 minutes and include drone footage that will give attendees a close-up look at these and other sites. You will see the footstep sites that have been described as one of the most important discoveries of the last 100 years. We will also have a question and answer opportunity afterwards.

Schedule of appearances:

Secret Archaeology of Israel

The most exciting discoveries in 100 years including the mysterious “footprints of God” and Joshua’s Altar

Monday, July 19, 6:30 p.m.
The New Mid-Continent Public Library East
Lee’s Summit, MO
2240 SE Blue Pkwy, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Breaking News from Israel and Prophecy Fulfilled

Tuesday, July 20, 7 p.m.
Or HaOlam Messianic Synagogue
9898 W. 95th St., Overland Park, KS 6212

Exciting Biblical Discoveries and Breaking News from Israel

Wednesday, July 21, 6:30 p.m.
Connection Point Church (former First Baptist of Raytown)
10500 E State Rte 350, Raytown, MO 64138
Enter on the north side at The ROC entrance

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear behind-the-scenes accounts straight from the Holy Land in “Israel Uncharted!”

Currently, Aaron is available during the day on Tuesday, July 20 and Wednesday afternoon, July 21 to present to your group. Contact Metro Voice at 816-524-4522.

If you are not in the Kansas City area, Aaron is speaking at numerous locations across the south and possibly in California.

  • July 18, McKinney, Tx
  • July 19-21, Kansas City
  • July 25, Abeliene, TX
  • July 26, Midland, TX
  • July 28, Springfield, MS
  • August 1-4, Houston, TX

To invite Aaron Lipkin to speak in California during August, contact him at info@lipkintours.com

–Anita Widaman | Metro Voice