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Join Alliance for Life in recognizing Sanctity of Human Life Month

January is National Sanctity of Human Life Month, with the focus on Sunday, January 17 as Sanctity of Human Life Day.

We have heard it said, “The death of one is a tragedy. The death of a million is a statistic.” When you look at how many have been killed by abortion, it seems possible that we the church have become anesthetized to the horror of it.

What if, instead, believers had a reputation, as they did in the first century, for pulling babies off the trash heap.

humann lifeA Believer’s role in this world is to be an agent of redemption. One way you can fulfill that important role in the life movement is simply by being the voice for the voiceless. The Alliance for Life has created some easy ways for you to share this culture of life with those around you. We have created resources for you to find your voice and speak loudly during this month-long focus on life. These FREE resources can be downloaded at www.SanctitySunday.com and include images and text you can use on your social media.

Alliance for Life also recognizes the busy schedules of pastors and church leaders. We know you desire to speak boldly for those who cannot speak for themselves and live obediently to Psalm 82:3-4 which says, “Defend the weak and fatherless, Uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed, Rescue the weak and needy, Deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

As a pastor or leader, you set the example for your church family as you speak up for life. We are here to serve and support you in that by creating additional FREE resources for churches that can be downloaded at www.SanctitySunday.com. These include email and social media images, bulletin inserts, postcards, and suggested text content for emails.

Whatever your role in the nationwide Church, thank you for taking an active role in the life movement when you visit www.SanctitySunday.com and use the free resources to bring attention to the sanctity of human life.

–Alliance for Life