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Kanye West debuts new opera, ‘Mary’ for Christmas

The new opera Mary, produced by Kanye West, debuted this weekend in Miami to rave reviews. The production is a follow-up to “Nebuchadnezzar,” his first opera production that played in Los Angeles.

West’s Sunday Service Choir members filled the stage, singing while West told the story of Jesus. The opera detailed the traditional nativity story, highlighting Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in a manger in 12 scenes. The choir also sang the Christmas songs “Gloria in Excelsis Deo,” “Little Drummer Boy,” and “O Holy Night.”

“Over 300 prophecies in the Scripture described the coming of the Savior,” West told the audience. “Jesus Christ fulfilled them all. One prophecy, in particular, declared the sign of His coming to be marked by a voice, a voice that would prepare the hearts of the people of Israel for the Messiah.”

West read numerous passages from scripture relating tot he Christmas story.

According to Vanity Fair, tickets for the one-time show sold out within 24 hours at $200 each. Kanye announced the show on Twitter Thursday evening for the Sunday afternoon show on the final day of Art Basel, a gathering of artists.

Chance the Rapper, another rapper who has professed to a relationship with God, was also in attendance at the opera and received loud cheers from the crowd.

The musical performance came only a few weeks after Nebuchadnezzar hit the Hollywood Bowl stage. That show also barely featured Kanye, instead, it focused on the story found in the book of Daniel, which guided some to worshipful praise, according to the Rolling Stone.

After the release of his wildly popular Jesus Is King album which is seeing airplay on Christian radio stations, the rapper will release part two. In January he’ll be joined by Lecrae, Tauren Wells, and Hillsong Young and Free at the Strength to Stand Bible Conference.

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