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Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond boycott My Pillow

The department stores Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond have joined cancel culture in boycotting the “My Pillow Guy” Mike Lindell. According to Lindell, both companies have stopped selling his products over his continued support of President Donald Trump even though the products are some of the most successful retail items of the last few years.

CNBC reports the MyPillow CEO made the announcement during a media interview.

“I just got off the phone with Bed Bath & Beyond,” Lindell told RSBN. “They’re dropping MyPillow.”

“Just got off the phone — not five minutes ago. Kohl’s, all these different places. … These guys don’t understand,” he continued. “They’re scared. Like a Bed Bath & Beyond, they’re scared. They were good partners. In fact, I told them, ‘You guys come back anytime you want.’”

Lindell also told Fox 9 news in Minnesota, where his company employs hundreds of Americans, that Wayfair and HEB also stopped selling MyPillow products because of social media pressure from “leftist groups.”

Lindell has been a longtime supporter of Trump and his efforts to bring back manufacturing jobs the the United States. Lindell’s products are all made in the U.S. while almost all of the other bedding from Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond is produced in China.  Lindell even took part in a “Made in America” event at the White House in 2017 and speaking during a coronavirus briefing in the Rose Garden in March 2020.

Lindell has called for a full investigation into voting irregularities in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan based on the testimony of poll watchers and state legislators.

According to The New York Times, Dominion Voting Systems is threatening Lindell with legal action over his claims of fraud involving their machines. The company says they will also sue US Senators and others over the claim. Those who doubt the validity of the voting machines have welcomed the lawsuits saying it would be an opportunity to make evidence public in a court of law, something that was denied the Trump campaign by state courts.

“I welcome Dominion to sue me. I welcome it. Please. Please sue me… and then you can show us all about your machines,” he responded, according to Newsweek.

Forbes reports an activist group known as Sleeping Giants has also lobbied Walmart, Amazon and Lowe’s to stop carrying MyPillow products.

“They’re trying to cancel me out,” Lindell said.

Lindell has become one of the most recognized people in the nation for his appearance in commercials promoting his products. They almost always also feature American workers at his Minnesota plant.

–Metro Voice and wire services