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Lindsey Graham an Indian? Will take his own DNA test

Fresh off his strong  performance in the Kavanaugh hearings, Sen. Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, is ready to show up Sen. Elizabeth Warren. He announced Tuesday he plans to take a DNA test to find out whether he has more Native American heritage than she does.

“I’m going to take a DNA test,” Graham said on Tuesday. “I’ve been told my grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. It may all just be talk.”

Graham said he would reveal the results on the show “Fox & Friends” in a couple weeks.

“This is my Trump moment. This is reality TV,” Graham quipped.

Graham said he did not think much about his heritage until Warren released her DNA results concluding she may be 1/1024 Native American.

Biologists have since looked at the process which gave those extremely weak results and noted that there was actually little to no American-Indian DNA in Warren’s tests. The company hired to do the tests had to pull in DNA from Mexico, Peru and Colombia and then labeled it American-Indian. In addition, it is quite possible even that DNA came from Europe.

Graham, having some fun with Warren’s results, was optimistic.

“I’m dying to know,” Graham said with a grin. “I think I can beat her.”

President Trump goaded Warren, D-Mass., into taking a DNA test after months of mocking her ancestry claims. Earlier Tuesday, Trump called the results “phony” and demanded she apologize “for perpetrating this fraud” against Americans.

Warren had previously said she was Native-American and used that description to gain a prestigious chair at a major East Coast university. She was described as the department’s very first Native-American department chair.

Major American-Indian nations have criticized Warren and said in a joint statement that Warren, not Trump, was mocking Native-Americans.

Warren has not responded to their criticism of her latest headline-grabbing exploit.