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Missouri and Kansas among top 10 pro-life states

Kansas City is on the border of two of the most pro-life states in the nation. Kansas ranks No. 6 and Missouri is No. 8 in the 2021 Life List from Americans United for Life.

The annual rankings are based on a comprehensive analysis of each state’s laws and policy protections for human life, from conception through natural death. Arkansas is the most pro-life state this year, while Vermont finished last.

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“Every year, the team at Americans United for Life ranks all 50 states on how welcoming and protective they are to all human life,” the organization’s Catherine Glenn Foster said. “For 2021, I couldn’t be prouder to announce that Americans United for Life has ranked the great state of Arkansas as the most pro-life state in our union. 2020 saw a real race to the top as communities across the country passed laws that save the lives of preborn children and protect the health of women. Arkansas is No. 1 because of the truly impressive example that is being set in Little Rock.

“In 2019, Arkansas passed a whopping 10 pro-life laws, and several of these were enjoined. But this summer, after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in June Medical Services vs. Russo, these laws were allowed to go into effect.

“The right to life demands respect and protection, from the very beginning of life when we can only see the dark of our mother’s womb until the end of our life when we may rely the most on those around us for care and support, from beginning to end, no matter what. Arkansas understands that reality.

“Congratulations to Arkansas and every state that made a difference this year in the fight for life. We look forward to even more progress in 2021.”

Americans United for Life uses a proven three-pronged strategy — education, legislation and litigation — to protect life through the law. Its comprehensive, beginning-to-end approach is reducing abortions and helping state after state become more pro-life every year.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice