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The Winans family. Photo: courtesy

Movies will tell story of Winans family

The name “Winans” has long been synonymous with gospel music. “Thankful,” a seven-part series about the family, is in development.

The series opens in North Carolina in 1805, moving through Mississippi and later to Detroit. It will dramatize the journey of the family’s ancestors, Louis and Ruby Winans, from their enslavement to the liberation of their descendants. The narrative will highlight Louis and Ruby Winans’ struggle, faith and the miraculous journey that led to their 13 children. The series promises to convey the emotional depth and spiritual devotion of the Winans family, with a particular focus on Louis, who was given his surname by his sharecropper owner, the Rev. Winans.

The Winans family is widely respected both in the Christian and mainstream music industries, collectively earning more than 50 Grammy Awards. “The Winans,” a quartet formed by four of the brothers — Marvin, Carvin, Michael and Ronald — began recording in 1981 and quickly gained popularity for their contemporary gospel sound. The group won several Grammy Awards and was known for blending traditional gospel music with modern R&B and soul influences.

Two other members of the family, brother and sister BeBe and CeCe Winans, formed a duo and achieved significant success in both religious and secular music. BeBe and CeCe are known for their crossover appeal, bringing gospel music to a broader audience.

CeCe Winans. Photo: FB

“When you become a parent, you get a real revelation of God’s love,” CeCe said. “When you become a grandparent, you get another surge of life. You understand the importance of everything in the world and how it will impact that little one. I am so honored to sing gospel music. I’m so, so blessed that I truly believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I’m excited about God being a God of generations; that he keeps being faithful. I know my grandson Wyatt will be just fine.”

The 12-time Grammy Award winner who has performed with some of the biggest names in both Christian and mainstream music, including Whitney Houston, stressed the importance of staying rooted in a deep, lasting relationship with Jesus and connecting with a local church.

“It’s not easy, as glamorous as it looks, it’s not easy to be an artist,” she said. “It’s so important that you have a relationship with Him, and not just out here singing a song. Because you’re going to face hard times; you want to be anchored in the Word of God. You want to be anchored in a home church.”

–Alan Goforth | MV

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