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Missionary couple

Murdered Missouri missionary couple buried.

The funeral for a Missouri missionary couple murdered in cold blood in Hait took place Tuesday, June 4 in Neosho. A prayer vigil last week saw hundreds attend as their peers shared stories of the couple. The couple’s bodies were returned to the small town, just southeast of Joplin, where the community lined the streets.

Christians are showing their support for the families of Davy and Natalie Lloyd, the young missionary couple killed by gangsters in Haiti. Natalie is the daughter of Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker of Neosho.

More than $130,000 already has been raised. A GoFundMe campaign organized by a family friend, Chris Slinkard, and Missouri state Rep. Dirk Deaton of Noel, raised nearly $74,300. “Please pray for MO State Rep. Ben Baker, wife Naomi Baker and their family, as well as the Lloyd family their children, Natalie and Davy Lloyd, were serving as missionaries in Haiti and were killed by gangs,” organizers posted on the fundraising page.

A second campaign, started by family Pastor Jeremie Bridges, has raised $56,115.

missionary couple

Neosho residents lined the streets as vehicles carrying the couple’s remains made their way through town. Image: video

“Davy and Natalie tragically lost their lives while serving children in Haiti,” the page said. ”The goal of this fundraiser is to provide funds to assist with funerals and the transportation costs of returning them to the U.S. The family is so grateful for all the prayers and condolences. Thank you for considering giving.”

The couple was known for their commitment to providing education and religious services for children in Haiti. They were part of the Oklahoma-based group, Missions in Haiti, which was established by Davy’s parents in 2000. According to Missions in Haiti, the couple was attacked by three truckloads of armed men, resulting in a chaotic scene. Davy reportedly was tied up and beaten as the gang members stole trucks and other belongings from the mission. Another armed group arrived shortly after and engaged in a gun battle in which the Lloyds were killed.

The mission, located in Lizon, north of Port-au-Prince, has long been plagued by violent gang activities. In 2005, the Lloyd family faced a similar ordeal when Davy and his siblings were kidnapped, although they were rescued after 21 hours.

Former President Donald Trump reached out to the family, offering his condolences. “Just got off the phone with Donald J. Trump a bit ago. who was just calling to offer condolences for Davy and Natalie to Naomi and me,” Baker posted on his Facebook page. Trump expressed his desire for justice against the gangsters responsible for the tragedy, he said, recognizing the couple’s devotion to their mission.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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