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Christoper Allen Miller mugshot. Image: police.

Naked biological male charged over Planet Fitness restroom incident

Charges have been filed against a biological man who identified as female after stripping “completely naked” in front of a minor girl inside a Planet Fitness women’s locker room.

Christoper Allen Miller, 38, was arrested on April 4 after a Planet Fitness member in North Carolina called 911, reporting that the individual was also walking around exposing himself to women.

Local television station WSCO reported details of the frantic 911 call.

The dispatcher asks if “that man still there?”

“Yeah, he is still in the bathroom,“ the caller said. ”It’s a man but he says he identifies as a woman, and he won’t leave the restroom. But he is just walking around showing us his [genitals] and he won’t leave.”

“And what’s he wearing?” the dispatcher asked.

“Nothing, literally nothing.”

“OK, so he is completely naked?” the dispatcher asked.

“He is completely naked,” the caller said.

According to court documents, Miller’s motivation was “arousing and gratifying the defendant’s sexual desire” in front of teen girls. The report says he also asked the girl to join him in the shower and rub lotion on his body.

Police arrived and arrested Miller ultimately charging him with felony indecent exposure.

Planet Fitness has come under criticism from women’s groups for a new policy that allows biological men to access previously women’s-only bathrooms based on the individual’s “self-reported gender identity.”

“I think a woman should be able to go into a woman’s bathroom without a man coming in saying he’s transgender,” Planet Fitness member Betty Briceshe told local media.

Mr. Miller’s mugshot showed him as a white man with a light-colored beard and dreadlocks.

The fitness company’s policy states: “All members, including transgender members, may use Planet Fitness® locker room facilities, bathrooms, showers, and all other facilities/programs separated by sex based on their self-reported gender identity.”

In a statement to multiple media outlets, a Planet Fitness spokesperson said that safety is a priority for the company, which has “zero tolerance for harassment.”

“At Planet Fitness, the safety of our employees and members is our top priority, and we have zero tolerance for harassment of any kind in our clubs. We took immediate action to ensure the safety of club members, including notifying and working with law enforcement,” said McCall Gosselin, chief corporate affairs officer at Planet Fitness.

In March, Planet Fitness banned Patricia Silva for life after she complained, and ultimately filmed, a biological man shaving next to a young girl in a women’s restroom.

Silva’s ban has prompted a nationwide boycott of Planet Fitness. The fitness company’s market value plunged 15% since February.

To cancel your membership follow these steps HERE.

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Photos: NC police, Planet Fitness Image:

Mike Mozart, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

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