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New Kansas license plates will debut in spring 2024.

Kansas is introducing a new standard license plate in early 2024.

According to authorities, the old design with raised letters and numbers has deteriorated and is difficult to identify by law enforcement.

“Many of the embossed plates out on the road have become difficult to read due to significant deterioration,” says David Harper, Director of the Kansas Department of Revenue Division of Vehicles in a news release. “Replacing these plates will not only help law enforcement but ensure that drivers can be easily identified in case of emergency.”

The new plate displays a wheat-yellow color in the background with black and midnight blue text. The design pays tribute to the state motto, “ad astra per aspera,” with “to the stars” printed across the bottom of the plate.

“The new license plate design promotes the state and our sense of optimism as Kansans travel near and far,” says Governor Laura Kelly. “It serves as a reminder that there are endless possibilities and that we should always reach for the stars.

“Bridgette Jobe, Director of Kansas Tourism disagrees saying, “To the Stars proclaims to the rest of the world the Kansas optimistic and forward-looking spirit.”

Starting in January 2024, owners with embossed plates who wish to renew, or who are registering a new vehicle will receive the new design on the flat, print-on-demand temporary license plate. Beginning in March, those who are renewing their registration who have an embossed plate, or registering a new vehicle will receive a plate with the new design.

Another big change is in store is that you can’t keep your old number as the state is adding a digit to its alphanumeric system.

For more information about the new plates and changes, click here.

–Dwight Widaman  | Metro Voice

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