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One Hope has reached an amazing 1.6 billion children

According to the One Hope Ministry website, the Lord burdened founder Bob Hoskins’ heart to understand that “Satan targets children in horrible ways to destroy the potential of the next generation.” He wept and prayed continually for many days until he was certain about what God was calling him to do to reach children for Jesus Christ.

In obedience to his heavenly calling, Hoskins began reaching out to leaders around the world to establish relationships that would pave the way for One Hope to minister to children in foreign countries. The ministry began and continues, with the Book of Hope.

The Book of Hope

“The Book of Hope is a Scripture book designed to engage and speak to the heartfelt needs of children and youth within various cultures, clearly showing God’s redemptive plan through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. This harmonized version of the Gospel is broken down into pieces and messages children and youth can understand.”

Today, the Book of Hope has been translated into 177 different languages. The book is available in a variety of custom-designed formats that are best suited for different cultures and age groups.

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One Hope is devoted to its God-given vision and calling of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the children in the world. They do so by partnering with other NGOs and FBOs around the globe.

“While many of our incredible partners strive to provide children around the world with much-needed tangible resources such as food, water, and clothing, we feel called to devote all of our resources to providing children and youth with relevant Gospel messages.”

One Hope’s singular purpose is to affect the destinies of children by introducing them to Jesus Christ. Yet, the organization does not define success by the number of children reached. Success is achieved when they see children’s lives changed through their publications.

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Sustained Success

Nonetheless, numbers are necessary for staff and supporters to understand the measurable breadth and impact of the ministry. The numbers are so staggering that they, themselves, are a beacon of bright hope in a world dominated by instability.

  • One Hope has reached more than 1.6 billion children since the Book of Hope was first printed in 1987.
  • One Hope’s outreach is currently active with 316 programs in 112 countries.
  • 43 of the countries served by One Hope are on Open Doors’ World Watch List, including four that are included in the top 10.

One Hope is currently working with its partners to introduce every child in every nation to Jesus Christ by the year 2030. The campaign is Vision2030. When compared to the United Nations’ SDG 2030 goals, this program has the only truly attainable and lasting goal because it is God-ordained and requires audacious faith powered by the Holy Spirit.

Remarkable Regional Results

  • Africa
    • Nearly 346 million children reached
    • More than 3,300 churches planted
    • Unrestricted access in 35 countries
  • Asia-Pacific
    • Nearly 218 million children reached
    • Unrestricted access in 23 countries
  • Eurasia
    • More than 222 million children reach
    • Unrestricted access in 38 countries
  • Lusophone (countries where Portuguese is the official language)
    • Nearly 204 million children reached
    • Unrestricted access in all seven Lusophone countries
  • Latin America
    • Nearly 293 million children reached
    • Unrestricted access in all 40 countries

One Hope has added film and digital apps to its inventory of ministry resources. Other publications now include World Without Sickness, a book for children that shares the Gospel message while teaching health and hygiene. World Without Sickness is enjoying a welcomed acceptance for use in schools where hygiene education is part of the curriculum.

God’s Big Story is a series of illustrated cards that contain memory verses, activities, and lessons. Children learn Bible stories and truth as they work toward the goal of completing the entire series of cards.

One Hope knows that the scope of their vision is too great for one person or one organization. But we know that “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it.”

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