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Platforms vs. Publishers: The Big Tech War on the First Amendment

Media platforms and publishers are a big part of our lives, and they can have a huge influence on our culture.

Recently YouTube pulled the plug on, or demonetized, many YouTube channels. This was done in the name of silencing hate speech. This was done to appease left wing members of VOX.

Some of these channels have been running since its inception. Many make their living off the contents they produce. Some of these channels were made for entertainment, some for education, and others for commentary. As a publisher, YouTube would have the right to do this. The problem is that all these creators came to YouTube because of the promise of a platform to produce their content.

So what’s the difference between publishers and a platforms? A publisher creates or purchases content from creators and profits from the purchases of the consumer. A platform is a place for people to express their own ideas and/or creations. A platform can either profit from those who have come to see or hear these ideas and/or creation, or not. To further differentiate them, a publisher does not have to produce anything it does not want to, but a platform is purely an expression of the first amendment, private or not.

The three major platforms that any American has access to use and express their thoughts and ideas are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. With Facebook and Twitter, we have platforms that encourage people to share their thoughts, happenings, and current feelings with friends, family, and co-workers. With YouTube, creators were enticed to join and post their creations for a share of the profit, something not much practiced at the time by similar platforms.

These three along with the many other platforms not mentioned have made their name by being open for all to use. For years, they have worked hard to attract as many people to participate in their forums as possible. Those in charge have decided to change things now that competition is scarcer. These monopolies now control these platforms and the monopolies are controlled by leftists.

A short time ago with a little pressure from leftists in Congress, Facebook made an announcement that they would be banning what they deemed hate speech. When you hear some of the despicable people they have banned, it is hard to say they were wrong in doing so. Twitter also got in on the act.

The first problem is that when you start banning hate speech you are limiting free speech. Freedom of speech gives you the right to say anything, which means others have the same right as well, whether you agree with them or not. If you don’t like what they are saying, scroll down, unfriend, unfollow, or don’t listen to them. You have that right.

The second problem is that it places people in position of judgement who have no right to judge. To a Christian, the Bible needs to be the ultimate authority. It is the compass which determines right and wrong.

To these Big Tech companies, their ideologies are the ones given to them for the most part from their schooling. Their schooling indoctrinated them to be leftist. To a leftist, all things spoken from the right are hateful, bigoted, and wrong.

A few years ago, Facebook began marking people and putting them in groups. I myself am considered and marked as an ultraconservative. Why that should alarm you is that Facebook is again run by leftists who are intolerant of those who disagree with them. With one quick decision from one of these leftists, I could be banned from posting for hate speech.

Twitter, a cesspool of communication, often bans people for saying things they don’t like, such as James Wood, a conservative actor who doesn’t get many roles any more due to his vocal political views. Thankfully, the big tech companies have not joined together to uniformly ban certain people which is how we learn of this political censorship. That will eventually change when the leftists gain control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency once again.

Now YouTube has joined the censorship party mainly because of its parent company Google. First it began with shutting down videos from conservative sites like Prager U, which they deemed too toxic and offensive. (Watch one of their videos. They go out of their way not to be argumentative or offensive.) Recently YouTube became fanatical when a homosexual political activist who is a part of VOX complained that a YouTube provider named Steven Crowder (a rightwing comedian in the vein of Andrew Dice Clay but not as vulgar) wore and sold what he deemed as an offensive shirt which said, “Socialism is for Fags.”

This activist (Social Justice Warrior), who happens to be a socialist, won a victory, as YouTube demonetized Crowder’s channel. They also shut down many other channels, including channels who taught history, such as the Holocaust, because they were offensive. No one makes anyone watch a YouTube video, but YouTube now has decided it was their responsibility to shut down what they considered hate speech, or things that they consider offensive.

The backlash was brief, and due to lack of media coverage, something quickly forgotten except for those who lost their way of income, and still fight to have their right to free speech, their platform, returned. The great danger is if it’s not reported, it’s not news. The media, which is controlled mostly by the left, and is mainly a propaganda machine, will not report the truth.

Project Veritas, a group of private citizens who do the job the media should be doing, has made their name exposing the corruption and evil perpetrated by these leftist organizations. Their most recent exposé was on how Google was trying to influence the coming election by controlling the data (news) people read. They have done it in previous elections but are now willing to do whatever it takes to make sure a certain president does not get re-elected, according to whistleblowers working for Google who went to “Project Veritas” because they feared the news media would bury the story and their careers. I would recommend you watch the video, but YouTube, whose parent company is Google, has had the video taken down. It is a dangerous thing when people learn the truth, because knowing the truth makes you free.

In this Age of Information, whoever controls the information controls the world. When propaganda reigns, freedom becomes enslaved. That’s a truth Hitler and Stalin understood, which was how they stayed in power. If we’re not careful, and choose to remain ignorant, we will lose the battle for our First Amendment Rights.

–George Ismael Feliu Jr. | Metro Voice News


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